Day Friday – Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel – The Divine Pillar of solitary strength
Symbol of the vast wasteland. This archangel helps with feelings of loneliness that can threaten and overwhelm us at times.

Archangel Uriel appears as a light blue energy (this color is associated with the throat, the 5th Chakra, to speak our truths). The deep metallic blue energy, which is also associated with the solar chakra located in the stomach area. And grants intuition and psychic energy. This archangel also appears in human form and with wings, clothed in white. And carrying a lantern to light our way.

Archangel Uriel helps us learn how to be alone, without feeling alone… How to appreciate our own loneliness and how to utilize, within ourselves, the mysteries of our existence. Whenever you or someone you love is experiencing sadness due to loneliness, call on Archangel Uriel to help… To see the miracles that exist within your soul that you are praying for. In addition, you can call upon Archangel Uriel to explain the mysteries of the universe to you. The answers will be given to you, through spiritual communication, automatic writing, dialogues and dream visions.
With the symbol of the blue bird:
When this Archangel appears to you in the form of a blue bird it is to remind you to mind your way. And that your current thought pattern may contain incorrect information. Consider what you were thinking when you saw a blue bird. And decide if Archangel Uriel was trying to help you… To see another side of a situation in order to lead you to a more positive outcome.

It can also give you a warning about a potentially negative situation that will arise. This does not mean that a difficult situation is going to happen… But rather a situation in which learning will be required. Warnings give you an opportunity to be ready to accept whatever comes your way. Knowing that the issue is only temporary.


Simply beautiful! :innocent: :star_struck: :angel:t2:


Thanks for sharing this, I still haven’t dived into learning about Uriel he is my Archangel being born on Friday. I did call upon him the other day to help out with my friend and myself. I also have seen blue birds around me lately.


Happy Friday! This is a lovely entity to learn about- some of the description reminds me a bit about The Hermit card in tarot. It was a pleasure learning about Archanegel Uriel, thank you for sharing, @Airam! :blue_heart: :pray:


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