Deities/Ancestors Responses

So this is a rather loaded question, but its something Ive struggled with since beginning my path, when deities/ ancestors speak how do you know? I feel personally its an inner voice(your intution so to speak) What are others experiences regarding this? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you all!!!


I agree with you that it feels like an inner voice. I would describe it as brief flash of things, such as images, thoughts, sounds or speech that’s not my own.

Personally what matters to me is experiencing their presence, not necessarily seeing them or hearing something like a voice. Even if you can’t feel anything right away, trusting that they’re still there for you is where faith comes in.

Other ways in which they seem to come in for me are in the part of my mind where I hear my thoughts. Sometimes I simply ask the spirit mentally and then observe any change in my emotions.

If I need a clear response I’ll ask through Tarot or meditation. The communication sometimes comes after, for example in a dream or an unexpected event during the day. Sometimes it’s just a presence. I think it’s important to pay attention to the world going on around you because it’s different for everyone.


This makes a lot of sense, Ive always been one to be hurried and not take time to “smell the roses” or really focus on whats going on around me, I’m struggling with the decision I made in taking a new job, I now am unsure if it is the right decision for me, so I asked the deity I work with Cerridwen for guidance and clarity in the situation


Yes, you’re on it. Look out for manifestations of Nature and in the land around you. Whenever you have the time, try to get out there and just ‘be’.

And don’t be shy. If you feel like doing it, prepare an altar, add offerings. Seek artwork, articles and read up on your deity.

About the job, I think 9 out of 10 times, new jobs suck for the entire first month and even more. Give it some time and don’t sweat it. Ask for help as much as you can and do your best but it can take some time until you get into a groove.


Will do! Thanks for the advice Francisco!


@Trey Great Question! Earlier this year, I felt a spark of a connection with Hecate. For a bit, she was popping in and out of my thoughts and I had images of her in my mind frequently. I devoted a place on my board for her with a picture and I gifted her a necklace of mine that has a skeleton key on it. Then I began researching other goddess’ and the Horned God. The Horned God really took hold and I had a dream involving him and the lady. They to have a place on my altar, but recently I haven’t felt any real strong connection, except to Hecate; she seems to linger ever so softly in my mind. I’ve had a couple of chaotic weeks it seems, so Im hoping to getting back in the regular routine of practicing my craft will reveal more activity with the Deities.
@Francisco thank you for the wise advice.


Tamera, I can most certainly relate, I had some unique experiences when called to work with Cerridwen, Ive since fell off of a regular routine but im trying to develop more of a relationship with Deity, and at this point I use several means of communication, including Tarot, pendulum, and flame divination slightly, all seem to work well for what I need, its just at times the voice seems quieter than normal


Oh this is a great question :clap:

In my experience, it is more of a feeling than words. Sometimes I do hear words or phrases, but most of the time it is about the feeling I get. Words that aren’t my own, feelings and guidance that doesn’t appear to come from me, signs and symbols that make sense. It also heavily depends on who it is. I’ll give you an example that I just saw from my sister-in-law on Facebook.

She lost her mom (my mother-in-law) in September and the other day, my father-in-law brought her balloons for her birthday. Well, she’s had them ever since and they were hanging out in their living room. She was having an emotional day and was in her room crying when the balloons made their way from the living room, under her doorframe, and into her room. They seemed to dance around, which is something my mother-in-law always did, especially if someone was having a bad day, then settled next to her bed. This was taken by her, as well as me, that my mother-in-law was there with her to help her through what she was feeling.

Sometimes it isn’t as obvious as that. It could be smelling something that connects you with a deity or ancestor with no apparent reason or hearing someone call your name in an empty room.

I also agree with Francisco. Tarot or divination of any sort can be a great tool for communicating with those in the Otherworld. And as he said, sometimes the answer isn’t immediate. Sometimes it comes later in dreams or, like me for example, a seemingly random epiphany :rofl:

It is interesting that you say this Trey because Cerridwen is all about change. One of my absolute favorite songs about Her is by Damh the Bard in which he tells the story of the birth of Taliesin. I’ve put some of the lyrics below that really show this, and Her transformations are in bold.

Change your shape now lady!
Be the hound, begin the chase!
I shall be a running hare
With sorrow and with mickle care
Then I shall be a greyhound bitch
And tear you from your skin!
Then I shall be a flying wren
The King of Birds, the King of Men
Then I shall be a falcon grey
And tear you from your skin!
Then I shall be a salmon sleek
Darting through a shallow creek
Then I shall be an otter bitch
And wrest you from your skin!
I shall be a grain beneath the sun
And you will never know which one
Then I shall be a great black hen
And take you deep within!

You may feel off your routine because She has a hand in it to get you to change your perspective or make a shift. You can see through the story that she has pushed Gwion through all these changes (albeit because he pissed her off) and eventually he is reborn as Taliesin, the greatest Bard in the land.


Wow! Thanks Megan! That all totally makes sense and Ive had little things and significant things like this happen in the past and it certainly made me think, I appreciate the clarity in your response it really spoke to me! Also where do I begin about Damh the Bard, by far one of my favorite pagan artists, that is my absolute fqvorite song by him, that along with “Silent Moon” I love hearing him speak as well, if you havent heard his podcast check it out “Druidcast”!!!


You’re welcome! It often comes happens that we don’t see the signs at the moment, but going back and thinking about it afterward can really help you see the signs. And also, yes, Damh the Bard is phenomenal and I absolutely love his music. One of my favorite songs by him is also January Man :smiley:


I usual commune with Cerridwen as the female deity during Sabbats. I cast a circle and called to her once, during a time of troubled mind. Right away I felt calm and at peace. I get a feeling of peaceful acceptance from her. She is a dark deity of the otherworld. By the way the musical selection Megan posted is by an artist I frequently listen to. I make playlists for Sabbats and listen to them around that Sabbat. Damh the Bard is his name. I use Spotify.