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Hello everyone and blessed Monday.

I have been reading a few books as I am very much a beginner at the start of my spiritual journey so apologies if this is a question with an obvious answer.

Many things i have read have mentioned meditating “on” deities. How do you do this? I have meditated for a long time but more for mindfulness purposes and calming anxiety.

How do you meditate “on” a deity? Do you visiualise them? Do you repeat a chant? Do you.meditate eyes open focusing on an image or object?

Id love to hear everyones take on this and what you do.

Blessed be


YouTube is your friend! Just go there and you can find oodles of meditations on meeting a deity, to finding your deity, to meeting a specific one. Guided meditations for the win! LOL!


@Cosmic_Curiosity oh yes @Amethyst is correct YouTube is a wonderful way to get connected. I have several for my Gods/Goddess.

When i dont use guided is when they are screaming at me for a one on one. Then yes i just start with deep breathing and let them know im ready.


Don’t just think of “meditation” as sitting there quietly, but try to induce a trance.

For example: Close your eyes, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Look up and to the left.

Other ways to induce trance are listening to or making music, chanting mantras, drawing, dancing, moving, etc.

As Amethyst said, Youtube has lots of guided meditations. Some people find it easier than others. Play around until you find what works for you. The deity experience will be unique to you and will come when it has to.


@Francisco beautifully said


This is a really great question, @Cosmic_Curiosity – it’s one I don’t have a solid answer for right now because I’m not sure of the context of the phrase “meditating on a deity”. Can you share a bit more of where you see this?

It’s very possible that it’s just meant to meditate on the idea of the deity, their correspondences, stories, and myths. It’s also possible that they mean to create a connection with the deity. In my opinion, though, those are two different things with two different methods.

I’ve never heard about this. Is this supposed to induce a trance when done repeatedly? Or just the one time?


That’s what seems to work for me. It’s based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). You’ve probably seen the charts that are used to tell if someone is lying. Looking up is linked to the visual cortex:


Another meditation to try is rotating your eyes all around in a 360º motion (with eyes closed). If the eyes tend to get stuck in one specific side, that can be a sign of a blind spot or area that needs work on releasing a blockage. This might come with visual or other sensory stimuli which can help.


Ohh, that’s interesting! I think I’ve seen that graphic but I haven’t heard too much about it. I’ll have to play around with it and see what happens lol Thank you!


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