Demons of Magic by Gordon Winterfield - No. 8 Barbatos

I have performed Ritual One and asked for Barbatos for help and it has become true. It is important to have faith and patience and it does work. I give special thanks by giving good words. Thank you once again, Barbatos.


Thanks for sharing your experience, Stephanie! More power to you.

I have the ebook version of the book, I think I’ll buy paperback. But I feel some of those workings are beyond my ability.

Can you elaborate on the ritual? Is Ritual One where you write down your encoded petition and do a ritual opening?

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Thank you :slight_smile: I have not got the paperback version.
I am thinking to get it also. Yes, I feel ritual 2,3 beyond my ability also.

I have done a few on ritual 1 and you do need to decode into ciper that is Hebrew I think. I have read again and again and again of the book as I think my sentences are too long so I need to do the rituals that I did before all again.

The one that I did with Barbatos also long but direct to the point hence it is important and it does take time to form the sentence and translate into ciper also. I actually have memorized most of the ciper words after writing so many times. It is interesting in fact.

My offering is to spread good words on the internet like this.

Let me know what else you would like to know.



Yes, I found the ritual you were talking about: Number 8, Barbatos. He has some interesting powers, especially to empower you to learn about science.

Is there any reason you chose this one in particular?

Also, if you feel he might be your guardian, here’s a useful article on how to do a pendulum divination for this purpose.

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Thank you for the information and I’m still exploring and it is for sure what I wanna learn and understand as much as I can but I do have the concerns if it is right to discover so much. I feel I need a mentor. My ritual was to get respect from people with power and I get it.


“He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery”. - Samuel Smiles

I’m glad that the ritual worked for you. :+1:

For that purpose, I would use a turquoise stone. Here’s a ritual I like by Dorothy Morrison:

To gain the respect of employers and coworkers, hold a piece of turquoise in your hand and enchant it by saying:

"Imbue this stone with trust in me
Make coworkers quickly see
That I am now part of their team
And they should hold me in esteem."

Take the stone outdoors and bury it as close to the workplace building as possible.

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Thank you for the book and I will get it for sure. It was for a court case in fact and I’m currently working on to get a new job ritual. Haha…

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Great! All the best and good luck! :four_leaf_clover: :pray: Keep us posted on how that goes.

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