Dental Health Spell?

Just learned that my 3year old root canal failed (that, apparently is a thing!) and I have to get an implant to replace it. I don’t have dental insurance so it will cost a pretty penny. I will do a money jar to help me out, but is there anything you can reccomend for dental health? Or successful dental surgery?


@Berta knows a health chant & I believe @Amethyst wrote one also.

I hope any discomfort is relieved for you soon! :tooth: :star2:


I don’t have a dental help chant, sorry. I have a poem by Dorothy Morrison I use everyday for general health though. Do you think that would help?


Light a green or orange candle and call for good health :candle:

Write down “Healthy teeth” on a piece of paper and follow the steps to make a sigil.

Once you have your sigil ready, meditate over it as you visualize your healthy shining teeth. A cluster of Analcime could be a fitting addition to the spell.

Keep visualizing the sigil with the eye of your mind, and everytime you start thinking about your teeth draw it in the air with your index finger.

Keep in mind that spells cannot replace a visit to your dentist. Blessed Be! :sparkles:


I was in the same boat, @cbd- it is never fun to find out that past dental work wasn’t up to par :worried: Especially with how expensive dental procedures are- it should be done to last!

Others have shared some good dental-specific spellwork, I hope you can find something to help! :pray:

As a mundane piece of advice, you might also consider asking the dentist’s office if they offer any discounts, packages, or even payment plans to help cover the costs. Or perhaps checking costs with another dentist office- sometimes the prices vary widely.

Wishing you all the best of luck and a very successful procedure- blessed be, cbd! :candle:


Yes, please post it.


Chant for Health and Personal Well Being by Dorothy Morrison

From the book Everyday Magic

When said daily, this charm protects against illness.

Rich health, tranquility, good energy flow -
These I conjure to be mine.
Strength and peace and quietude
Until the end of time.
Fluid motion to my joints,
And clarity of mind.
Strength to bones and flex to muscles
I claim these, too, as mine.
Energy – unboundless force,
Alertness to my brain,
Endless inspiration flow
Where no ideas have lain,
Great knowledge of my Higher Self,
And balance to my life,
I claim these too, to be my own
As Sun and Moon both shine.

I hope this helps you, I say it every morning with my morning devotional.


If you get a spell that works, please, let me know.
I just came back from Spain. Had to fix my 4 roots canals, 3 times to date.
Do not want to scare you, but piece of advice: find a very good dentist with a history of root canal work. Check they have the latest technology.
First time I did my 4 canals de same day. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone.
Second time, done in 2 sessions.
Third time was lengthy, painful and stressful.
My advice, do not go for dental implant.
It looks great on paper, but expensive, a lot of maintenance and everything can go wrong.
I’ve removed most of my teeth.
Upper denture replaced with ceramic one, fixed!
Lower denture, removable plastic one.
I’ve seen some examples of implants going bad.
With dentists is difficult to rise a case successfully when things go wrong.
Each case is different, so take time to assimilate information given. Do not let them put pressure on you.
Leaving a gap is not an option, in the long term other teeth will follow, and there are cheap alternatives to implants.
After all this year’s of pain, stress, and shoving money than the drain, I still can not eat properly.
Only a few months ago, expent €6,000.00,
There were 2 sessions I truly believed I was gonna have a heart attack.
I was shaking really badly, I’ve had so many injections, that am developing a fear to needles, and I am type 1 diabetic.
Is bad enough to pay privately, but worse to endure painful sessions.
Nowadays you can get stoned easily, ask them to give you all the drugs and painkillers you need.
On one occasion had a long journey back after surgery, pain got out of control.
I learnt my lesson. After given pain killers, “if they do”, get a bottle of gin or vodka.
Even my latest dentist agreed to that!
Take care of your teeth, dentist are like Egyptian Pharos with their grand designs.
Find a good dentist? Worship them, they are rare these days.
They are all in for the money.
Good luck


Still wander, why done my root canals 3 times?
If they kill the nerve once and properly…!
Watch out if find that you do not have straight roots, you will need a surgeon specialized in that sort of root canal.
Stand and Deliver!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Personally think root canal is a waste of time. Only clinics profit from it.
We just get more pain.
Coming to that, remove the tooth, you will not regret it.
Starting of Pandemic, came back from dentist in Spain after done deep gum cleaning.
2 weeks later, massive pain on my upper molar, out the blue.
Took ages to get antibiotics.
Pain excruciating, could not eat or sleep for nearly a month.
3 courses of antibiotics down the line, asked dentist, why?- since tooth seemed fine.
Their reply: it just happened.
On my next visit, I pulled it out.
No more pain!


Ladies, sorry for your dental horrors. I was having some gum-pain. Almost 2 months ago, I started taking these supplements. They are a bit pricey, however not as much as a dentist, take 2 capsules per day. ( Please check with your dentist and if you can take) My gum pain stopped completely within not even finishing the first bottle. My tarter has completely disappeared and my teeth have become whiter. That’s no lie. Not sure if it will address your issues, but if it helps the health of your teeth than it’s worth it. I bought a 3 month supply and see how progress goes. So far I’m not disappointed. I’m always skeptical about these supplements but with doing my research and youtubing- it’s proven to be legit!

Good luck and blessed be.


I am sorry I didn’t get this on the Energy Exchange sooner but it is up there now.

While I am open to many ideas and I always want to learn more about people and what they believe, I am extremely cautious when it comes to alternative medicine. I have found it is usually wise to work with my doctor on the best treatment plan while exploring other possibilities at the same time.

Wishing you peace and quick healing.


In this age still find hard to believe that science, as we know it, can not coexist alternative therapies.
NHS consider, in this Country, anything else of what they pray witchcraft.
They do not have an open mind.
It seems to me that we are walking backwards.
China with all its shortcomings, before decided to close their gates to foreign cultural market, was a the greatest cultura?- while the rest of the world were still hunting mammoths!


Like the deities subject, easier and less of a headache to impose one dogma.
Let’s get out of our comfort zone and be open-minded.
Should apply this mantra to myself?:thinking:


I’m going to have to get a filling repaired soon. This morning, I woke up to something hard in my mouth and realized, to my horror, that one of my old dental fillings fell out! :confounded: It’s a small hole, but oh my, is it very noticeable.
I have acid reflux, which puts me at a greater risk for cavities. On top of that, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of drinking too much pop (what we call soda in WV) because the carbonation provides quick relief from the nauseating acid.
I was doing good for awhile drinking less pop, but sadly, I’ve regressed after no new cavities for over a year.
I might modify some of the spells suggested here to help me cut back on pop again.
Peppermint tea helped my stomach a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll to it next time my acid reflux gives me trouble.


I’m with you on this one, Basil! It may just be my love for global/interculutral studies shining through, but I think each medicinal practice has a lot to gain from studying (and possibly applying principles from) other forms of medicine.

Western medicine/science often focuses on treating the symptoms while Eastern medicine such as TCM steps back to examine the “bigger picture”- the finite lifestyle points of the patient.

I there is a lot to be gained when different theories and applications come together to strengthen one another! :blush:

Oh no, Stephanie- so sorry to hear about the dental filling! Thank goodness you caught it. I wish you the best of luck cutting back on the pop. A cord cutting spell may help you try to cut sode out of your diet entirely if that’s a route you’d like to take! :scissors: Love and light! :pray: