Analcime Cluster

Good morning. At one point, my husband found an Analcime cluster while he was working and he brought it home for me. I had never seen a cluster quite like this and quickly passed it off as a lot of little quartz crystals. Then yesterday I was looking up stones for mental clarity on my Healing Crystals app, they also have a website but that is more geared for the shop than looking up the stones by name or issue. The stone Analcime was recommended for mental clarity and to use it with another one that was named there. So I was excited, the picture they had show is like what I had on my altar next to my selenite wand! A new crystal in my collection!

I looked up the meaning for it and found all kind of information about it at Analcime

It boosts mental clarity & supports change. I need both right now! It was no coincidence that I found the name of the stone and its meanings/uses yesterday!

Has anyone else come across this stone or does anyone else use it?


Interesting! I don’t know anything about Analcime, but just looking it up for geological information (because I’m a huge nerd lol) I have found…

:gem: It is a tectosilicate mineral meaning it is made of silicate groups which make up about 90% of the Earth’s :earth_africa: crust

:rainbow: It can come in many different colors including white, colorless, gray, pink, greenish, yellowish

:sparkles: It is considered dull and doesn’t usually have any shine to it.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: It has a Mohs hardness scale of about 5 meaning that it can be scraped off with a sharp knife.

Thanks for sharing about it! I didn’t know about this mineral and now I do :brain:

Mindat - Hudson Institute of Minerology

Wikipedia - Analcime


@MeganB I had no idea, like I said I thought it was a bunch of dulled quartz crystals in a cluster. I was so excited yesterday when I found it was something new & just what I was looking for to work with! So I have it on my altar next to my Bloodstone & Black Tourmaline & floral offering. I keep looking it up. I’m going to make some kind of print out for it to go in my BOS. How fortunate that my husband just found it walking in the yard at his work!


Magical stones are all around us! We just have to know where to look and not look past the things that seem dull and unimportant :gem:


That’s really cool! I didn’t know about Analcime. It looks like teeth :tooth::tooth:

Thanks for sharing!


Such a beautiful treasure for your crystal collection, @Siofra :heart_eyes: I also didn’t know about Analcime- thanks for bringing it up, and also to @MeganB for the additional helpful information :gem::sparkles:

Enjoy, Krissie- it’s lovely! :blush:


@Francisco I have been looking at it over & over again trying to figure out what it looks like & I agree that it looks like a bunch of little teeth clustered together. :tooth:

@TheTravelWitch I am still looking it up and reading about it. Especially with the help of @MeganB, who is also amazing at finding resources on things. I’m trying to avoid Wikipedia because anyone can edit those articles with their own bias. I do use Healing Crystals to look stones by name and descriptions. I also have their app which is just called Healing Crystals & you can look up things by the stone or issue that it helps. For me the app is easier to use. I also like the resources that I have gathered just from being a part of Spells8


This brings up a good point! Wikipedia itself is usually okay because they have editors and whatnot that check things out, but if you ever don’t want to use Wikipedia directly, they have an entire section at the bottom of the articles of their resources and you can go straight to the source!


Oh! That is awesome… when I was in college within the last couple of years for finances, we were told that we couldn’t use Wikipedia as a source in our papers & works. We had to cite everything in APA… which I don’t mind. I am learning that citing knowledge is helpful on FaceBook at times.

I honestly thought after my college experience, that people just popped on there and were like… okay we are going to write about this now and hope that it’s right because the masses are going to believe what we say. Or something like that. :rofl: :thinking: It was instilled in us at school not to use it, so that’s where my irrational not fear, but view (maybe) came from.


Oh it definitely can be an issue lol I will sometimes link to Wikipedia as a source here, but in any sort of academic writing our educational pieces that I do for my site, etc. I will use Wikipedia’s sources as my sources, if that makes sense.

And we were always told not to use Wikipedia as a source, either. But that’s only as a primary source! Definitely check out the sources they use :slight_smile: That’s just like using the bibliography in a book!


I will, I’m sure I can find something to look up & it will bring me to Wikipedia :laughing:

Now that you say it, I believe it was primary too, but as a way to keep me from doing that, I just didn’t use it at all. Kind of being overly cautious.