Desert Wildcrafting

Hello to all! I live in the Sonoran Desert (the 'burbs of Phoenix, AZ). Throughout my reading, I have found that a lot of the herbs, plants and trees listed in books are not to be found in the desert. I have really had to dig to find information. But, I did find a resource that lists the traits a plant, weed, etc has can help you determine its best uses. (i.e. white flowers, milky white sap = lunar properties).

Anyways, I was trimming my lantana bush and found the below pictured weed growing within. My lantana is dense and it was not noticeable until I was in it. So, intrigued with it, I dove into the bush and wrangled it out.

Not a great pic, but my first thought was it looked like a broom, and a Google pic search shows it is known as Desert Broom (ha!).

So, I plop down on the sidewalk for serious research :grin: and this weed has historical uses for medicinal use in teas and, you guessed it, brooms. And, a book “The Alchemy of the Desert”" by Cynthia Athina Kemp lists it’s properties to be helpful for procrastination, will, intention, apathy, and resolution to name a few.

Just this one weed led me to discover a book I definitely need to assist me on my future desert wildcrafting and, I believe, my first besom.

If there are any desert dwellers in the group, I’d LOVE to know what you know about the plant life here in AZ or your area and/or hope this info helps you!

Thank you for letting me vent about my find! Have a beautiful night :crescent_moon:


That is really cool thanks for sharing .


It’s always exciting to discover a new plant and new uses for that plant! :herb: I relate to the book and information issue. I live in Florida and many of the plants in my area that grow naturally aren’t usually in any books. Actually, I do have naturally growing nightshade that shows up in my backyard but I’ve got a child and small pets so I tend to leave that alone except to remove it from the yard :sweat_smile:

There’s an app I find helpful that you might as well. It’s called Seek by iNaturalist! It uses AI technology to scan the plant and find what it is. Then it will come up with a page of information, usually a Wikipedia page with more links, so you can learn more about it. It doesn’t give any metaphysical properties but I’ve found, same as you, that the physical and medicinal properties usually also lead to the metaphysical properties.

That’s a great find and looks like it would make a great besom!


Sounds to me like it would make a wonderful besom- like it was meant to be! :broom::blush:

What a fun plant and really great find- huge props to you for being creative and open minded with the nature in your area! I’ve spent a bit of time in the desert but I’m afraid I don’t know much about the plants in that climate- I hope you’re able to connect with fellow desert witches, Kelly, and I wish you all the best as you continue to explore the magick in nature around you! :desert: :sparkles::heart:

Blessed be!


@MeganB Thank you for the app! It will help me a lot. For some reason I didnt think about that. The weather here is better fit for taking hikes. And, they are going to become way more educational!


You’re very welcome! :heart: I’m glad it will help you. It helps me a lot, too, especially since I’m not native to where I live. I’ve only lived here for about two and a half years so most of the flora and fauna are new to me. I’ll get there eventually but that app sure is a whole lot of help!


Same! I’m originally from the Appalachia region of southeast OH. I understand the adjustment!


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