Devin Hunters Books...WOWWWW!

Devin Hunter has a series of books. I first started with the last one and after reading a few pages realized his books were a series that needed to be read in order.

So I bought all of them. His first book is “The Witches Book of Power” The second is “The Witches Book of Spirits” and the third is “The witches book of Mysteries”

If you seriously want to develop powers, use all of your abilities, these are the books for you. I am only a little ways through the first one. Don’t wor;ry about buying all three at once, they will take you awhile to get through them.

He goes into detail, training you how to first center and concentrate, then how to move your energy, etc. These books are awesome to say the least. Each one tells about a certain power a witch has, how to use it, and he steps you through each exercise and writes as if you are standing there with him.

Here is a little about Devin Hunter

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That’s a very interesting read! :+1:

I really like his approach to Magic. Especially when confronted with the question about working with Angels and Demons:

…the existence of Angels and Demons is not up for debate as far as I am concerned. They were here before us, they will be here after us, and we are bumping into them a lot more than we think. I am all about reclaiming a non-monotheistic spirituality, but these spirits come from traditions that preexisted Judaism and the fact that they show up in Christianity doesn’t take away from their realness, it just adds to it.

…more people practice a form of witchcraft that includes them rather than excludes them. Folk magic is full of Angels and Demons and we can’t wash that away because a bunch of people are triggered by anything related to the Christ myth.

Thanks for the suggestion, @roxanne! I will look into The Witches Book of Power and work from there.

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You are welcome, believe me you won’t be disappointed. The books are so new I did not find them used, they cost about$18 each…but so worth it.

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