Did something not dobe in a while

So ive had lots of health issues lately, the world around me going hell in a hand basket but i did something ive not dibe in a while and it was just for me.

I felt drawn to my enchanted map oracle app so i changed the 6 card read to be for next 6 days. But i got so much shit to do, im washing , getting ready for working week, got work to do usually ne journally my reading doesnt hapoen its a quick look and thats it. Might reflect ( mosyly been a grand tableau n just looked at highlights of each day. But today i went nope, i need me time im going to do a rest of week read and journal what i got. Just finished and while it looks like week may be challenging ( knew that going in, still not been paid the week they didnt pay me, lost health care card now so transport n meds going up, rent going up, still not fixed the uniform allowance and im geyting lectures about my coffee intaje just to survive days at work by family but they forget that while thet mean well, just how much shit i have to deal with alobe because i dont have support from ppl i live with when im struggling while all of tgem do. ) lol thays just highlights plus this week looking pretty busy n im wirking with ppl who in my room at least dony pull weight. So i end up doing more. So that part was not unexpected. Bjt the great thing bout journalling n wriying descriptions down isnt just telling you troubles ahead ( cause that i know) but brings hints or hopes to the situation as wrll. So that i see as a nonusvand well worth uding a new journal for that got recently. And even with all i got to do, i decided i deserved a bit of spending time doing thibgs i like, like working with my cards n actually not rushing through it but spending time connecting and reflecting and it was such a nice break n for me a big progress ( at least i think so lol) so i thought share the good news!! I did something just for me and i feel good about it :grin:


I’m so glad you did something just fo you! :heart: It can be hard to do when we’re doing a million things for others, or even just keeping up with daily life! You definitely deserved that little bit of you-time, 100% :clap:


This is so true! Things like divination and journalling can be really uplifting and even therapeutic. They can help us work through things on our mind, explore a situation in different ways, and find helpful guidance and hope :star2:

Good for you for taking the time to do this for yourself, Phoenix- I’m so happy it brought a boost of positivity into your day!

Blessed be! :heart:


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