Diet & Nutrition's Role in Alleviating the Pain and Decreasing the Prognosis of Scoliosis Survey Part 1


In partial fulfillment for my university subject Thesis for Writing in the Discipline, I am conducting a survey questionnaire entitled “Diet & Nutrition’s Role in Alleviating the Pain and Decreasing the Prognosis of Scoliosis” that is directed to those diagnosed or suspected to have Scoliosis and the effects of an alternative diet plan to adults with the disease. This study is not intended to be an instant cure to those suffering from the disease, it’s goal is to slowly alleviate and gradually kill off the hip, pelvic or lower back pain for Scoliosis and decrease it prognosis by implementing the diet plan proposed by Dr. Clayton J. Stitzel and Dr. Josh Axe.

The alternative diet consists of avoiding caffeine, alcohol, soda, sugar, excessive salt and conventional poultry such as pork with preservatives added, in its place the poultry to be ingested instead are: chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, beef, for fruits and vegetables, organic is highly suggested but if none is found read the labels for frozen fruits and vegetables it will also do, beverages allowed are herbal teas such as oregano, basil, turmeric, ginger and water. and will last for 3 - 5 days period. The information to be collected in this survey will not violate patient confidentiality, the information will be used for educational and informational purposes only. Please check the box or select which applies to you in the survey form.

Survey Form Link:

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I hope we can all help you with your college thesis, Margaret. That’s a very interesting subject.

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Thank you, every response in it actually counts, I guess it’s why the English professor picked it among the 3 topics he could have chosen for me, the other two also had different illness in it but this one caught his attention, I’m just not using too much medical terms or the respondent will never understand what the survey is all about

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@Francisco , Here is the list for the types of Scoliosis also added this for the others as well who may end up confused as well in the survey (Sorry about that part, I left you confused there):

Congenital scoliosis is the presence of an abnormal curvature of the spine and affects newborns or young infants. Children with this condition begin to develop the curvature before birth while in the mother’s womb. The curvature causes the spinal column to bend left or right in the shape of an S or C.

Degenerative Scoliosis develops during adulthood and is caused by the degeneration of spinal structures.

Idiopathic Scoliosis no known cause, The scoliosis may have started during your teenage years and gone unnoticed, not progressing until you reached adulthood.

Traumatic scoliosis is a spinal curvature that is the result of a sudden and intense jolt to the spinal column., car accidents are typically where this type occurs


Hello this is the 2nd and last survey form it has 5 questions which revolves around the person’s diet in either beverages or food.
link in:

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