Difficult cat - any advice?

Hello fellow witches! I am trying to get a message to my difficult cat and I wanted to see if anyone has any good tips or spells for communicating with animals. I have always had a very strong connection with my animals (I have 2 dogs and 3 cats). My cats are indoor/outdoor cats, and we have a pet door into a large fenced yard, so my animals have always enjoyed coming and going freely. The only thing I’ve ever asked of my pets is that they never intentionally bring anything into the house, so for the dogs, this includes sticks or tennis balls, and for the cats, this includes the spoils of their hunts. 4 of 5 pets have received this message clearly after the first few times, but I have a 5 year old cat named Pepper who either isn’t getting the message or simply refuses to comply. He’s been really well behaved for months, but last night, he brought in a mortally wounded but still very much alive mouse, and the whole family enjoyed a cheery 6am game of how and go seek! :roll_eyes:

This is really problematic for me because I’m super sensitive and finding and cleaning up dead animals just takes a piece of my soul every time. This particular mouse was very vocal in it’s fear and pain, and that’s hard to listen to, especially first thing in the morning. I’ve tried multiple non-magical options; a bell doesn’t seems to hinder his hunting abilities (and he always figures out how to get it off). I’ve tried locking him in the house and forcing him to be an indoor only cat, but it really makes him so miserable and changes his whole personality, which I don’t want. He’s got every cat toy known to man, but he still just enjoys the hunt.

When I have a message to send to my pets, I have what I call a snuggle party. With my cats, I’ll lay on my back with my knees up and they’ll lay on my chest. I try to align them so that their heart is directly over mine. I pet them with both hands until they are purring, the purring let’s be know they are relaxed and open to hearing my message. I use a very simple manta, a few words or maybe a single sentence, and I just repeat it, until the snuggle party ends. I’ve tried many mantras with Pepper, beyond asking him not to bring anything into the house, I’ve told him I’m very proud of him (hoping that if he knows I’m proud of him, he won’t feel the need to show off his latest handiwork). I’ve told him I love him. I’ve told him I am capable of providing for myself, hoping that I can convince him that he doesn’t need to feed me. I’ll add that I’ve successfully communicated other messages to him using this method: I’ve asked all 3 of my cats to not hunt song birds, and (to my knowledge), they don’t (at least not when I’m watching, and it’s been years since any of them have brought me a bird, either inside or outside). My animals communicate with me the same way, any time they aren’t feeling well, they try to climb onto my chest (this is really fun when my two very large dogs do it…)
So I suspect that he hears me, but he’s acting like a stubborn teenager and doing it anyways.

I’m asking here because I know many witches have a strong connection with animals. I’ve also considered more outside the box ideas, like casting a protection spell for all the small animals in my neighborhood to completely thwart his hunting abilities. :rofl: Any advice?


The Little Book of Cat Magick has a simple spell that you can cast for good behavior.

Spell for Good Behavior

You will need:
A white candle
A small bell
A piece of Tiger’s Eye
A statue of Bast (optional)

  1. If possible, have your cat with you as you cast the spell.

  2. Light the white candle and visualize your cat behaving. Hold the Tiger’s Eye in one and and the bell in the other.

  3. Ring the bell and say:
    Dear cat, please behave
    Well and not badly
    Stay out of trouble
    And those places forbidden
    No fighting or growling
    Peeing only where proper
    No hissing or howling
    No breaking or shredding
    Dear cat who I love
    Please try to behave
    And I will be grateful
    Sincerely, your slave

  4. Ring the bell again and then snuff out the candle. Leave the Tiger’s Eye on your altar or wherever the cat is misbehaving.


I watch Jackson Galaxy, The Cat Daddy, on youtube. He is very smart and in tune with kitties :black_cat:

My kitty brought me a hummingbird a couple of years ago so I stopped putting hummer feeders out because of it. She has brought in mice living and not. When she was a young cat she once played with a baby bunny all day and never killed it. I thought it might die of a heart attack but it didn’t. I saw it hopping away that evening. She had tried to bring it in the house too! Now she mainly brings grasshoppers and those I don’t mind her killing because they eat my plants :herb: :grimacing:
I don’t know the answer but maybe you can find a video with Cat Daddy that will help.
Bless Be


Greetings @jill8,

Growing up, we had a kitty who was partially indoor and partially outdoor and goodness, she was a hunter! Used to bring back all kinds of poor critters- but always to the door and never in the house (thankfully). Never any fun to clean up- my heart goes out to you :people_hugging:

The bell sounded like a great idea- if that didn’t work, then perhaps making sure he sees you remove the critters? He likely thinks he is helping you and giving a great gift- make sure he knows that this type of present isn’t wanted by showing him your disappointment in the moment :no_good_woman:

I like the spell that Kasandra shared, and I’ve seen a few episode of Jackson Galaxy’s TV show before- Sarall has a great idea about exploring some kitty psychology! Perhaps there will be some inspiration there about how to get the message across (or, more likely, how to get him to accept the message).

It really sounds like you are a loving pet mum, so I’m sure you’ll find a way to connect with him! Wishing you all the best of luck, Jill- blessed be! :paw_prints: :sparkles:


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