🛡 Digital Protection Magick

Great post @MeganB!! Our work online whether it’s on social media, blogs, vlogs, or even making memes- that’s all part of the Craft too.

I think there’s a delicate balance in sharing our personal workings (such as altars, grimoires, spells, etc) while following the pillar of the Witch’s Pyramid “To Keep Silent”. :shushing_face: Each thing we share is an invitation for all sorts of external influences and whatever you can do to stay protected counts.

I like to keep black tourmaline near my desk when I’m on the computer. Having a magickally inspired desktop background or screensaver can reinforce that too, or the decorations and wall art behind me right now. It all helps me shield myself. However I do try to stay as far away as possible from some social media platforms which can be pure toxicity. :nauseated_face: