🛡 Digital Protection Magick

I was thinking the other day about some daily cleansing rituals that I need to implement in my life for one reason or another. Since I was thinking about them, I figured I would write about them, too! Most of these cleansing ideas revolve around technology and how we use them. I am a person that is on my computer for the better part of the day for work. This work involves either writing for clients, editing videos, transcribing audio for clients, or marketing on social media for my shop and content.

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But have you ever stopped to think about how social media makes you feel? How having this technology strapped to us all the time makes us feel? And how it can affect our energies? This is what I have been thinking about for the last few days so I decided to come up with some ritual ideas and daily/weekly cleansing tips that I will implement in my life.

Cleanse your Phone

If you are like me, you carry your phone with you just about everywhere you go. Walking from one room of the house to the other? My phone is in my hand. Going to the bathroom? Forget the magazine, let’s take the phone. With it being next to or near us all the time, it is bound to pick up our emotional energy. I have found myself becoming more and more anxious with social media.

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I have even taken complete breaks from social media (besides the regularly scheduled posts I have to make for engagement) because of the way it makes me feel. But now? Even picking up my phone for something else has me feeling anxious. I know it is an association of my phone with the anxiety of social media, but it probably also has to do with the emotional energy my phone holds from my hands. So, here is your call to action. Cleanse your electronic devices!

Now obviously we don’t want to spray our phones or computers with moon water, sprinkle them with salt, or put them in the sunlight. Instead, I plan on regularly cleansing my phone and my computer with gentle smoke. This should not be done with heavy smoke or herbs because we don’t want to damage our electronics. Instead, a gentle cleansing with soft smoke and energy should do the trick.

My favorite herbs or incense for cleansing include…
:herb: Rosemary
:herb: Juniper
:herb: Cedar
:herb: Dragon’s Blood

Create an Electronic Sigil

This idea is not one entirely of my making. I first saw this idea on a YouTube channel hosted by someone named Dru. They talked in this video about how they have a different video on their channel set to private of them performing a ritual. This ritual has a specific purpose of protecting their internet space, i.e. their YouTube channel, as well as their energy from their audience. I think this is a fantastic idea for anyone who has any sort of presence online and it is one I will be implementing myself on most of my social media platforms.

I plan on creating a sigil or video of me performing the spell and either leaving it in my drafts or setting it to private. This part is going to depend on the platform, of course, but the idea behind it is that you’re putting a piece of yourself and your energy into your online space to provide that energetic protection and spellwork.

Energetic Wards

I have talked before, too, about creating wards for your home but what about wards for your online spaces? There are people online who create entire wards and servitors to protect their online spaces from trolls and those who would do them harm. This one I think would be a bit more technical and would require me to sit down and think about the process more. However, it is also an avenue I plan on exploring further.


I thought I had more to talk about but those are basically the two that came to my mind. I am finding it more and more difficult to spend time on social media and, if I want to market myself and build up my audience (and subsequently make enough money to pay my bills), I need to be comfortable with social media and I need to allow myself to develop a healthy relationship with the platforms.


:shield: Do you take any sort of magickal precautions when you are online?
:shield: If you have an online space, shop, or platform, do you do anything similar?
:shield: How do you handle the energy exchange between yourself and your audience without getting rundown and burnt out?


This is an absolutely fantastic idea, @MeganB! :clap: I’ve always done my work on my computer and then refreshed my body and mind afterwards by stepping away (spending weekends offline, trying to spend more time in nature, doing cleansing rituals in the home, meditation, etc.)

While casting spells on items is standard for me, I can honestly say I’ve never considered implementing rituals/protection magick directly onto my devices and in my online space! It is a revolutionary idea :bulb:

There’s this Techno Witch Blessing I love, and I think I’ll type up a protection spell or take a photo of a protective casting circle and save it in my writing folder on my computer. Perhaps a spell for creativity too, while I’m at it! :grin:

It seems to be a rarer type of magic at the moment, but I think it’s safe to say that Technomancy and digital magick are incredibly useful in the modern world and will likely become more popular over time.

Thanks so much for sharing this, Megan! :sparkles:


I use a shungite magnet on the back of my phone to protect from EMF. I’m thinking about making a sigil and using a gentle herb to cleanse my devices tho. Thanks so much for the info!!! :pray::relaxed::cherry_blossom:


Thank you so much for sharing this post! Since the pandemic began, I’ve almost completely eliminated social media from my life because I realized that it was doing more harm for and to me than good. I wasn’t able to bring myself to actually delete my social media accounts – I’m just too nosy to see what shenanigans other people are up to :sweat_smile: However, I don’t think I’ve actually logged into my Facebook for probably almost a year now, and I’ve only used other platforms to keep up with any major goings-on in the world, and even that’s been minimal.

Spells8/Infinite Roots is the only social media platform I use regularly. It has added SO MUCH value, meaning, and happiness to my life, which made me realize how toxic other platforms were for me. Thank you all for being such an indescribable community! <3

In terms of what I’ve done magick-wise for my digital life, I haven’t ever really thought of doing any (magickal) cleansing or protection. I’ll definitely have to do this! I love the idea of the digital sigil – thank you for sharing the information about it! :slight_smile:


Oh thanks for that link @TheTravelWitch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I must have missed that post! I do try and do all the things you mentioned above when I step away, but I do notice, especially when I’ve been in a heated discussion or anxious situation, that sitting down to work just makes me more anxious. I’ll update everyone on how I feel after a while :partying_face:

@christina4 You’re welcome! The shungite magnet protects from EMFs? That’s so interesting! I’ll have to look into it :eyes:

You’re so welcome @wade :revolving_hearts: I have thought about deleting all of my social media too but, as someone with a YouTube and whatnot, deleting my social media wouldn’t really help me there :laughing: Taking a step back is the next best thing. Let me know how your sigil goes if you do it!


Oh yeah! Hematite, too. There’s a couple more but I forget


Great post @MeganB!! Our work online whether it’s on social media, blogs, vlogs, or even making memes- that’s all part of the Craft too.

I think there’s a delicate balance in sharing our personal workings (such as altars, grimoires, spells, etc) while following the pillar of the Witch’s Pyramid “To Keep Silent”. :shushing_face: Each thing we share is an invitation for all sorts of external influences and whatever you can do to stay protected counts.

I like to keep black tourmaline near my desk when I’m on the computer. Having a magickally inspired desktop background or screensaver can reinforce that too, or the decorations and wall art behind me right now. It all helps me shield myself. However I do try to stay as far away as possible from some social media platforms which can be pure toxicity. :nauseated_face:


Cool @christina4 thanks for the info! I don’t usually work with crystals but I might have to grab some.

Yes :clap: @Francisco I have been trying to clean up and make space around my desk for more magick items and protective trinkets. My desk (and the table next to it with my sewing machine and piles of fabric and crafting junk) always tends to get messy. I’m gonna have to find or make a magickal background maybe with some sigils and stuff. That’s a great addition. Thank you :partying_face:


Black Tourmaline is one of the crystals that I forgot that helps protect from EMF.


I like to keep my phone in my room as I’m cleansing it by diffusing rosemary essential oil. I also like to carry black tourmaline in my pocket whenever I have my phone on me.
Another great way to cleanse your phone and prevent it from accumulating negative energies is to just delete (or not even download) Facebook and Twitter apps.:laughing:


My Twitter account was suspended years ago (no idea why…) and that’s one of the best things that has happened to me :laughing: I did meet some really wonderful people through that platform who are still in my life and who I’m grateful for, but everything has its time.

I like the idea of keeping magick around us in background pictures etc. and that’s something I already do :sparkles:

Energetic warding made me think of firewalls… they’re wards for our devices, filtering out anything that might harm them. We could use a similar kind of protection online, filtering out harmful energy before it reaches us. :japanese_ogre: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :poop: :construction: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Empath shielding comes to my mind first, but it can be hard to master or keep up all the time. A more permanent energetic ward could be a filter directly affixed to the screen. Applying something like an essential oil to the screen surface might damage it physically and make it messy for fingers, but for phones at least there are screen protectors. Layering two of them and putting the ward between them could work… I’m curious if anyone’s experimented with something like this!


Maybe crafting a protection sigil or a paper amulet and putting it inside the phone’s case?


@christina4 I have a shunghite coin on the back of my phone too! I picked it up when I got my shunghite merkaba star. I have them in my witchy space because that’s where I mostly use my laptop.


I have a shungite merkaba star too!!! That’s so cool!!

Noble or Elite shungite has the most carbon possible, which gives it it’s energy to fight off EMF or protection. Regular shungite has less. Just make sure it’s from Russia. It’s mainly from Shunga, Russia. Fun fact. Lol


Oh! The ones I have are from Russia. I have a sphere, coin, & Merkaba star. The sphere & star are on my moon phases shelf. The coin is on the back of my phone. I like them, there’s just something about them, like my Black Tourmaline palm stone. I just love having them.


I just feel the need to share info. That’s great that it’s noble shungite!!!


Sharing info isn’t a bad thing!


@Francisco That could work too! I was just thinking about something that would go physically between the screen and the eyes :sunglasses::shield::iphone: