Disappointed, but safe

Today is a witches’ Yuletide market called “Krampus is Coming”, just half an hour from my home. However my home is on the shore of Lake Erie, where we are getting a ton of snow. I have been looking forward to this market since before Samhain, planning on getting there early for a free swag bag - it was going to be my first witchy outing since I became Wiccan. But after consulting my husband, my pendulum, and my tarot cards - as well as the weather radar - everything is pointing to staying home. I am terribly disappointed to the point of almost being in tears.
I guess I’m just going to be home, safe - bored, lonely, sad - but safe.

(It doesn’t look so bad right now, but it gets blustery with no warning from time to time.)


@Catharine I’m sorry you can’t go to the Yuletide market. Here in Texas it’s 45 and raining. My granddaughter was supposed to be in a parade today, but that’s not going to happen. That little girl gets sick all the time even in good weather.

Living on the shore of Lake Erie sounds awesome! But, it’s looks very cold! :cold_face:


I’m so sorry the snow canceled your plans. Maybe they’ll reschedule the market. It does sound like fun.


I’m so sorry you weren’t able to go but based on that picture, the weather radars, and my own experience living somewhere that can blizzard at the drop of a hat? I’d say you made the right decision :people_hugging: I know it can be disappointing and upsetting when our plans fall through – trust me, that can make me feel terrible for the entire day – but Mother Nature can be unpredictable and it’s better to be safe :heart:


Bummer!! That much snow would shut Atlanta down for a week!! The threat of snow can shut Atlanta down for a week! It sure is beautiful though!!


I’m sorry it didn’t work out this time, @Catharine- but like Amethyst said, perhaps they’ll reschedule it due to the weather?

Even if not, the Wheel of the Year turns ever onward- I hope they have the market again (or perhaps other fun witchy events!) next year and that you’ll be able to go in the future :pray::blush:

Good for you for staying safe (and warm)! I hope the storm has settled down and the weather is improving there for you :sun_with_face:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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