Distance Healing Session

So, I forgot to mention earlier this week, but today I tried something new & exciting. A friend of mine is doing case studies performing long distance, quantum level healing & cleansing session. In her words, she comes in, looks around, and clears out the “energy gunk” that builds up over the years.

YOU GUYS IT WAS AMAZING! We started on a Zoom call, she explained the process & we got started. We kept the meeting active, I got comfy with my blanket & stuffed animal. She recommended not purposefully meditating, as we were connected & that would be a distraction. I closed my eyes, kept my focus on my breath and let her work silently. I felt warm, then cold, there was pressure in my lower abdomen at first, and towards the end, my throat felt tickled but not enough to cough. After about 25-30 min, she signaled the end & gave me a few to be ready to talk.

I was so interested to hear what she ran into. She started by saying I had a lot held around my root and solar plexus (the pressure I felt) And that while there was some gunk around my heart, that most of it was my throat area. Communication issues, lack of feeling acceptance, etc. She recommended continuing my meditation, my rituals, self care, etc.

I didnt even realize it was a full moon when I made my appointment, but what perfect timing. I feel like that set up the rest of my day/night to be exciting & fulfilling! I’m about to take a short walk to the grocery store, and then home to make a healthy dinner… afterwards, smoke cleansing my crystals & setting them out for a moon bath. Taking a nice, relaxing bath myself, and then partaking in a Harvest Moon ritual!

I unveiled my etsy shop for my art this week, as well as a Facebook page! I’m super stoked to say hello to the full moon, the god & the goddess & to practice some beautiful magic! What a great day!


Oh I forgot, at the end she explained that some people will stay hot/cold, feel queasy, tired, lightheaded, etc for a bit after. I’ve been COLD! But she said to combat those things, before she steps back, she envelops you in this egg/womb of love, warmth & acceptance. I think that may be part of my great mood :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!! I can feel the Full Moon energy almost coming through your words!

It sounds a lot like what my mom does, but on the phone. It seems that you found a good matching healer for you!

Congratulations! :smiley:


I’m so happy you experienced that! It sounds amazing! I love this type of work and that’s why I do what I do :slight_smile: anything to do with healing is ok with me :heart: