Divination with Mahjong🀄

Hello everyone, does anyone know the method of divination with mahjong, i mean ancient mahjong tiles

I searched the word mahjong and only a few posts have little information about my experience with Oracle Mahjong,

But I am looking for deeper and ancient information!!!:mahjong::mahjong::mahjong:


Oh, Zari, please do let us know. Such a gift you are.
Blessed be


I hope there is someone on this forum who can help me and guide me to find information


Gosh, great subject @zari ! Divination takes form in about a million ways as you know - where there’s a will, there’s a way - again it’s all about intention. Mahjong itself as an ancient game is fairly complicated and not only named/called different names in different parts of Asia and the world, but also played differently. It needs a vastly large playing space, which is also true for Mahjong divination. Which is why many westerners have moved to using the card decks instead of the tiles. The Chinese use it for divination because it can be done in relatively covert and plain site - and as we all know, if you live in a place that may not be tolerant, being able to divine can be frowned upon on a good day and put to death on a really bad day. Mahjong tables are outside all over the south of China, when I went there back in 2018 we would walk by parks and see tons of tables set up and elder Chinese men playing, kind of like what you would see in Miami down in little Cuba with dominoes or parks across Europe with chess.

Benebell Wen (among other things) has a great tutorial for basic card divining with Mahjong, but I don’t think that is what you are seeking. Here it is for your reference:

I like the site below, it gives instruction as to the layout of the tiles and what each tile represents. I know from my friend in Florida doing this that the tiles and some card deck representations have many duplicates. Some divination readers like that and some do not and will remove the duplicates.

To go more in depth as to the reason each tile is what it is and its representation, this is excellent - for example it tells that the circles and bamboo represent ancient Chinese currency:

I looked up books and asked my friend Sandy if she knew of any but the ones we found aren’t very good on this subject matter. You are correct in that there isn’t much out there on the ancient form of Mahjong Divination. Maybe others here in our coven will have more insight for you!

If you cannot reach these websites for any reason, let me know and I can get the information to you in a DM if you are interested. I hope this helps you in your quest! :green_heart:

Attached is a picture of me in Shanghai last time I was in China - it’s been 5 years ago now - I’ve had cancer and now rediagnosed with it starting my journey again tomorrow. I’m the ‘blonde’ third over. Now I wish I would have taken a picture of the men in the park playing Mahjohg! :black_heart:


As always, wise and kind friends. Thank you so much for all the resources you introduced, I will read them tomorrow, my god I hope you make a full recovery this time and your travels must have been amazing, and you are so beautiful. If you get more information in the future, I will be happy to share it with me.


Great topic @zari
I learned something new today I did not realize that Mahjong was used as a divination tool!

I love the picture @jan_TheGreenWitch Looks like everyone was having fun! And thank you for finding and sharing the links!


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