DIY Face Oil Easy Recipe

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Happy Thursday! This week, the weather got cooler, so I had to add a face oil back into my skin care routine. I have oily skin, and the oil is just too much for the summer. However, I add a few drops of oil when the weather gets cooler to keep my skin looking and feeling great. Although I call this a face oil for dry skin, it can be used by most skin types.

I like to use jojoba oil in my face oils. Jojoba oil is actually a wax, but it’s a liquid at room temperature. It’s very similar to the natural sebum that’s on your skin, so it won’t make your skin produce excess oil. Jojoba is great for normal to oily skin, and it can also benefit dry skin.

I also use rosehip seed oil. It’s a great oil that soaks into your skin, so it won’t leave your skin feeling oily. Rosehip oil is excellent for mature skin, so you’ll often find it for anti-aging products. That said, it’s great for all skin types and ages! You can learn more about different carrier oils and their benefits here.

For an essential oil, I use a blend called Skin Care Blend from Mountain Rose Herbs. It’s blend of lavender, frankincense, helichrysum, and carrot seed oil. Lavender and frankincense are fairly popular and inexpensive. Helichrysum, however, is a pricy oil. I love buying the blend because I get the benefits of helichrysum without the investment. Carrot seed oil is a great oil for skin, but I only use a drop here and there. Again, I’m glad not to have to buy another bottle.

We are going to use a 0.5 to 1 percent dilution. Use 6 drops for 0.5 and 12 drops for 1 percent.


1 ounce jojoba oil

1 ounce rosehip seed oil

6-12 drops Skin Care Blend

2 ounce amber bottle


Add the jojoba oil and rosehip seed oil to a 2 ounce amber bottle. Add the essential oils. Place the cap on the bottle and roll it between your hands to mix well or shake gently.

I wash my face and then tone and use a serum. Then I add 1-2 drops of this face oil to my moisturizer to apply it. You can also do this as a separate step either before or after moisturizer. There are some differing opinions as to whether you should do it before or after moisturizer, so I just mix them.

I have oily skin, and this works really well for me except in the summer it’s a little too heavy. When I do use it, my skin feels amazing!

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@christina4 thank you for sharing. I make an oil similar to this and I love it. Now I have something new to play with lol


That’s great! I’ve never made anything with oils except for plain clove oil or using oils for candles


I do a lot with healing. Herbs oils creams and salves lol I love it all.


I love healing but I work with energy. We’re two peas of a pod!!!


Yes we are lol