🌿 DIY Herb Garden in a Mason Jar or Container

As we approach the spring, Green Witches might want to start planning what seeds to plant this year. :seedling:

Not everybody can afford their own herb garden, but this video I found on Evergreen Canada shows an easy way to start growing herbs in a container.

This should work great with thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, chives, and other vegetables that can grow indoors.

These are a living source of aromas and flavors, and a natural pharmacy. They are ornamental, offer fragrances, colors, different shapes that brighten the habitat and have many spiritual uses.

Indoor herbs

What’s your favorite kitchen herb? :herb: :sparkles:


I have some white sage seeds that I’m going to attempt to grow. I’ve read that they’re fickle and don’t always like to grow, but I’m going to try!

I also plan on planting mint, rosemary, and dill. Mostly for cooking, but for the occasional magickal use as well.

You can also regrow many rooted vegetables this way as well. For example, green onions. You cut the bottom off with the roots and place it in water. The roots will grow and the onion will start to grow back!


You can grow garlic by just putting a clove in soil, mango by removing seed from hard shell and putting in soil. Tomato seed you have to clean and dry, as well as papaya seed… bananas by revoving leaf from fruit in clockwise direction and put it in water, you must change water every day. Rosmary and lavander cut with hands so that little tounge stays at bottom and put,it in soil…