Do my cousins count as my ancestors?

I have a cousin and her husband who sadly passed - however they left a healthy bequest for my children. I feel that they are still caring for my children in spirit. Do they count as my ancestors, even though technically they are not as they are cousins - but I would like to honour them tonight.

Also, I have looked everywhere but can’t find a photograph of them. What can I do to make a place for them on my altar?


@isobel.tuliptree YES!!! A resounding yes - anyone in your family tree or whom you were close to can be an ‘ancestor’!

Use your 5 senses to make a place - for example smell - if you know of a perfume or cologne they loved and wore, or the scent of autumnal delights, use those on your altar. Same with touch, if there was a fluffy blanket she loved, get one similar - sight, a certain place they loved, use a picture of that place on your altar, etc. Anything they loved or a favorite can be used to make their place at your altar!
Blessed be :orange_heart:


Thank you, @jan_TheGreenWitch - this makes me feel much better!


Warm greetings @isobel.tuliptree- I’m so sorry for your loss :pray:

@jan_TheGreenWitch said it perfectly- I completely agree that any members who have a place on the branches of the family tree can count as “ancestors” :+1:

I second Jan’s awesome idea of incorporating other things that they enjoyed or that remind you of them. You could also consider less personal (but very traditional) general offering items such as incense, foods (especially Soul Cakes), salt, etc.

Wishing you all the best as your honor this memory this Samhain :pray:

Blessed be! :sparkles: