Does anyone else use bones in their craft

I dont hunt other than for bones. All of the bones I have are from animals that have past long ago. I have a opossum skull, buck skull, turtle shell and feet, deer spin and legs. I have painted the deer skull after cleaning him up and painted him he has been on my altar for a good while now. I also have the turtle shell with his little legs inside on my water altar, and the opossum skull on my earth altar. I’m not sure what to do with the deer legs but I found the small I guess ankle bones so thought they would be great rune stones. I’m also in the process of figuring out what color to make a broken bone I found with the deer legs as I will be turning that into a wand handle once it’s done.
Does anyone else use bones like this.


My son does, but I’ve never used bones. I also live in a city, so I don’t really find bones here. I would like to hear more about how you use them @luna2


Im thinking about using a fox skull on my altar i have a friend who finds treats and cleans animal skulls and bones and sells them


As long as you handle with respect and reverence, there are many things you can do with bones, including art. In some cultures, not using the entire animal is considered disrespectful to the dead animal, that’s why many things are crafted from their bones.

Depending on the animal, you can think of a quality and create a piece of sacred jewelry with it, consecrating it for a specific purpose. You can get really creative if you are skilled, here are some ideas on Pinterest.

For divinations, you don’t even need to turn them into runes, there’s a whole art of divining by casting bones.

Here’s another interesting conversation about bones:


You have a very impressive collection, @luna2! :skull: :sparkles:

I personally choose not to use bones in my practice, since I feel they carry a strong energy of death and oftentimes pain or sickness as well, but this is just my personal view of them. As Francisco mentioned, there are many practices where using an entire animal or giving a new purpose to found things is a display of respect and reverence. I think that using bones (or other parts such as lost feathers or shed scales) is perfectly fine when done in a respectful way :blush:

Thank you for sharing about your collection, and I hope that others who do use bones in their practice continue to share their friendly advice, tips, and shared experiences for you! :bone: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


I have. They were all collected respectfully and I left offerings in place where I found any bones. I use them for casting bones. It’s divination and I love all ideas and aspects of divination. I have a bag of mixed deer, skunk, chipmunk or squirrel and another one that I have no clue. I also have a deer skull. It’s more of an art piece.


I don’t currently have bones in my practice. They aren’t something I generally find in my area and I don’t go looking for them or buy them. I do have some interesting almost-bone things though! I have a horseshoe crab shell, a fossilized horse tooth, and quite a large fossilized shark tooth! I’ve been thinking about writing up some posts about each one for my blog. Maybe I’ll do that!


@marsha I have my deer skull as a main altar piece.

And the new ones I got I finished painting all of them and have put runes on the small ones as I’ll be using them for rune readings. (I need some more small ones for the whole set to be done.) Other than that not sure what I’ll do with the other right now.


Thanks so much for the pictures @luna2 I love how you use the bones in your practice. The skull looks really good on your altar.


I love bones! :bone: I have a few skulls (bird, crow, muskrat, skunk, beaver & coyote) ,deer jaw bone, mouse bones & recently my 12 yr old rabbit died so I let his body decompose naturally above ground & am now cleaning the bones with peroxide & will probably use them for a number of things like jewelry, possibly runes or maybe learn about bone casting!


Some practitioners use bones for osteomancy for their readings. Like other tools for divination, they pick them, consecrate the parts for this purpose in mind.


I don’t have a large collection of bones but have picked up a rat jawbone and a bird wing that I found. While I am drawn to all things animal (claws sheaths, teeth, feathers, shells, even cicada wings), I have them in a small box but had not thought to use them in my practice. :thinking:


Bry, I agree.
I don’t ever want to sound fresh or judgy but bones just don’t work for me. If it’s dead, I bury it. If a restaurant has animal parts on the wall? I leave. Where I grew up, a buffet restaurant had a box of ‘Road Kill Helper’ (Like hamburger helper) on the buffet top. It’s closed now, thank you Jesus and any other profits out there.
I put my half filled plate down and left…alright, I’m a wus, but that was just too much for me.
I eat meat and fish but I do pretend that it grow like mushroom, between Styrofoam and saran wrap.
But if is is positive for you (bones, etc.?) Then keep using it.
Blessed be


No worries at all, Garnet- you said it perfectly and I agree! To each their own when it comes to witchy tools and what works for them :sparkles::blush:

But as for the ‘Road Kill Helper’… I would’ve excused myself and left too :joy: There are so many okay names for food but that is not one of them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Many blessings! :heart:


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