Does anyone know how to do a reading?

Good morning all

Well its morning when i post this anyway haha

Does anyone know how to do a reading… Like spiritual one … I really want to know whether i am really u know is in this ‘field’ or maybe im just deluding myself that i have a Patron deity

Like i said in my intro and about me

Im very confused

Do contact me at whatsapp (+60135589487)

Sorry but posting phone number is allowed right??

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Blessed be to all

@silverbear and @MeganB don’t you two do readings???


I do :blush: I offer a few different kinds of readings in my Etsy shop:


I have just started…only have done for myself :slight_smile:


This is very normal! If you feel that there’s a deity reaching out to you or would like one, ask the universe for signs. Deities absolutely can reach out first, you just need to be patient and discerning. Don’t immediately assume you know who it is. Wait for signs that very clearly show you who’s knocking, then maybe wait for another few to confirm them.

Also remember, you don’t have to pick one deity. You can just use an unnamed messenger to go between you and your higher beings.

I recommend that you watch these video lessons: :arrow_forward:

Finding a Patron Deity:

Theistic and Non-Theistic Witches:


Okay i will try that :grin: