Does anyone know the name of these gems?

Hi everyone so my husband brought this pendant and as far as I know the blue stone is turquoise. Does anyone know the name of the red stone and the back larger oval gem? I can also see 2 very small stones which are almost dark deep red in colour. Also does anyone know the origin of this pendant? We brought it from an individual who simply liked it and said it was handmade but didnt have any other info on the pendant.
Any info would be appreciated.


Hmmmm at a honest guess I would say the blue… maybe a turquoise, the red maybe a coral or a red jasper, the two little tiny ones if they are a little bit red-sh in colour maybe garnets as for the larger piece I’m leaning towards a brown jasper. It’s beautiful piece though. Looks old. I’m getting an Egyptian kind of vibe. There or thereabouts.


Thanks. I sort of thought along the lines of middle eastern since my husband is from that side of the world and said he has seen a lot of pieces with the red stone as well as turquoise on the same jewellery item especially rings. He even owns one which was made in Afghanistan and is very antique but we weren’t 100% on the red and brown/reddish stones.
Thanks for helping :blush:


I agree with your answer! :clap: Good job!!


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