Does pegan eat meat

Hey everyone , does Pegan eat meat or just veggies and fruits ?


Yum. Meat. Of course we eat meat. And of course some also do not.

And I am sure many pagans had many different “diets” based on culture and other specifics. But I’m sure back then there were not “movements” and “titles” to things like vegetarian and vegan - these are modern societal terms that came with movements related to animal cruelty etc.

Industrial era is when we start to see mass production of meats etc.

Vegetarians back then would have been more religious movements and beliefs based on the effects of meat on human conciousness and ascension, etc.

That is why even today for shamanic rituals you will generally go through a cleansing period and not consume meats for a couple weeks and instead eat fruits, nuts, vegetables which react differently in your gut health and so forth.

Also depends how far back you wish to go. The further back the rarer meat was obtainable as a regular meal. It was considered a delicasy and special occasion.



Yes I eat meat :meat_on_bone:


I think it depends on the pagan, just like anything else. You can eat meat and honor the sacrifice of the animal that it gave its life so that you’d have food. Or you can go vegetarian or totally vegan. It’s all up to you!


There are plenty of Tofu, Faux, and Plant Based meats out there. Any non-meat eating Pagan would be totally set for a feast that requires a Suckling Pig or other meats. Such an exciting time to live :slight_smile:


@james11 hello yes I eat meat. And whatever you chose to eat is completely right. Just like your path, however you chose to walk it is just perfect.


As most have said above, there is no rule or guideline that says you have to be or can’t be carnivore/omnivore. If anyone tells you what to eat, you shouldn’t take them seriously.

If you personally feel guilty about eating meat, you can start reducing your meat consumption or make sure to buy ethically-sourced meat (e.g. local organic farms). And thank the animal for its life, eating with respect and gratitude.


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