Does this person know I practice?

Yesterday at work, I had an interesting encounter with a customer who appeared to be in her fifties or sixties. She asked me if I had a broom and I told her which aisle they were in. She just smiled and laughed and said, “No, can I borrow your broom? I seem to have lost mine and can’t fly home.” Before she left, she winked at me and said, “have a blessed day and equinox.”
I couldn’t help but think, “Does she know?” I wasn’t wearing any jewelry and I didn’t say anything that indicated that I practice.


Lol I’m sure she did know. Like minded ppl seem to know each other. Sometimes it’s the energy you put out or just a vibe you pick up from someone.


She could be sensitive to your vibration. My husband, sister and another friend of ours both knew that I was a witch before I did. she could have possibly seen it in an aura scan or got a tip from a spirit guide.being a witch is a part of who you are and it will be present in the energy you put out because your beliefs and power flow throughout your veins just as your blood does and the strength, confidence and support of your coven and the Divine that you’re bathed in will affect the way you carry yourself and would be noticable to someone with similar beliefs/gifts.

It’s a little bit of a shock when people just know though. My sister pulled me out of the broom closet last month and I recently received a gift from a complete stranger who apparently knew


I have a feeling she definitely knew. Take it as a compliment!


Short answer yes and that was a nice introduction


Oh, she absolutely knew! I pick up witchy vibes on people, too.


Hmmm…do you work in a magic supply shop? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seems like she knew. Or maybe she wanted you to know that she practices. People are “funny.” She doesn’t sound like she intended any harm.


Do you just come out and say yeah I am a witch or do you say your pagan. Or how do you identify yourself? I just say I am a eclectic witch and yes I have a broom too! Many in my house!
I was wondering for a long time if I were ever going to be able to go to a ritual live. Well I was at work and I work for people who have disabilities and am a caregiver. I took my client to a program for those who have brain injury. I was sitting down playing a game in the sun and got approached by one of the people who was in the group. He started asking me if I were pagan or just had a gut feeling. He just got a witchy vibe. Just like you lol :rofl:
He invited me to a ritual and I am going tomarrow and sunday woot whoo!!!. I know what you mean, people just can tell some way or another. Perhaps people are always scanning putting people in groups and making judgments. This was no way surprising to me because I wear lots of jewelry and I do carry a witchy vibe. But that is strange you said you didnt even have any jewelry and she still got that vibe!
Today I had on lots of purple, blue, and pretty colars that blend i think very well and I try to match all my jewelry to incorporate my stones in the day. Needless to say tomorrow I get to go to the metaphysical shop in Auburn California. If it weren’t for my witchy encounter with my friend and clients friends son I would have never been invited to a ritual. You just never know what encounter that you will have with people so I always try to develop small talk at the grocery store or out and about. I am glad you had a good laugh with the customer! Sounds like she needed a friend and you never know she might come again and ask you to go to a ritual and become good friends!
Love and light


Omg story of a life time! I would have been over the moon if this happened to me :relaxed:


@phoenix_dawn @Francisco @mary25 I must be doing something right if I’m giving off witchy vibes!

@jim An unexpected but subtle introduction!

@Undomeher Sadly no, but I wish I did! :laughing: She did seem like a really nice lady.

@Jeannie1 I identify as a Draconic Witch and Wiccan. The exchange happened quickly, so I never told her that I practice. I’m glad you found someone that you were able to go to a ritual with! From time time I’ve actually seen a few people in my area wearing pentacles and triple moon goddess necklaces. I wonder if they practice too or if it’s just for the aesthetics. I would love to have a local coven to have sabbat and esbat rituals with, but like I’ve said, I’m not completely out of the broom closet and I’d be nervous to be seen in public with them.

@TheMuslimWitch I think a few months ago someone on this forum mentioned that something similar happened to them. It helps you feel validated and I hope that those new to the Craft will have that encounter someday. :relaxed:


I completely understand you cant just trust anyone and I was lucky to actually know someone in my circle that was able to give me some kind of outlet. I understand, I want you to be safe too and I know that you have not came out yet! But I am happy for you that you had an encounter with someone at the store. I hope you will find the courage to be in public and be yourself. I know that you will just shine anywhere you go! To tell you the truth I was really nervous today but I just wanted to work on me.


We are in the same boat there. It would really make my day. I am so in the broom closet it is tiresome. I performed a couple of spells this evening and well you can imagine all the work getting it all out and putting it all away all after everyone else is sound asleep. Oh well the witching hour it is then. Not a bit of complaint in it. I am going to need to get to work on my broom in case someone needs to borrow it though.


It does get hard at times. I mean where i live is very multicultural and i mean very, and if i were to come out of the brook closet so to speak, i am sure half of my community would either run for the hills or never speak to me again! My partner however although tired of my new witch life, is supporting my by not saying anything to me… I am so glad he knows when to put a cork in it as i think he realised how important it is to me…


Hopefully one day i can meet another witch face to face. I would love to share experiences and get advice. So this is a subtle message for anyone who lives in Sydney Australia or visits, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds like the vote is pretty unanimous- sometimes witchy folks can just sense the magick in fellow magick users! :sparkles::blush: It kind of reminds me of “gay-dar” or how members of the LGBT+ community can often just sense others within the community. I guess it’s true what they say about the law of attraction, that “like attracts like”! :+1:

Not everyone may agree (and there are some folks who likely prefer to keep their practice completely personal) but I think it’s kind of reassuring that we don’t even need to put ourselves out there with obvious witchy paraphernalia or accessories to meet fellow witches.

There’s just something, well, magick about the witchy community- we are inherently drawn to one another! :sparkling_heart: :infinite_roots:

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