Draconic Litha Ritual

With the summer coming in tonight at 11:30 P.M. EST, I thought I’d post a Draconic Litha ritual that I found on Dragon Dreaming!
Have a blessed Litha, Infinite Roots! :sunflower:

Litha Ritual ~ Solar Dragon Celebration
Originally published on Pagan By Design as a
Guest Contribution by BlackTail Sphinx

of The Witches Collective

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To celebrate and ask the blessings of the sun and the dragons

Supplies :
-yellow and orange cloth
-orange or yellow candles (and fire safe holders)
-ceramic or glass bowl
-cinnamon, sage, or sandalwood incense
-yellow, orange, or red construction paper
-yellow, orange, red, or gold ribbons (optional)

Preparation :
Bathe and cleanse yourself as you prepare for ritual. Lay down your yellow or orange cloth as an altar cloth. Set out the candles in their holders in any pattern on your altar you like. Place the bowl in the center of your altar. You can choose to decorate your altar in symbols of the sun, dragons, or other fire motif. Once your altar is ready, sit and cut out shapes related to the areas in your life that could use more power or light in them. Alternatively you can cut out circles and write the area or specific situation on the back. Cut out as many shapes as you need. After you are done, set them on your altar within easy reach. Light your candles and keep your lighter nearby. You may choose to wear yellow or orange or red today, with ribbons on your hands or in your hair.

Solar Dragon Celebration

Dragons are beings of wisdom and power. They can be found within many myths and legends throughout the world. These beings of power have been with us since the beginnings of our sentience and continue to stay beside us in the astral planes. When called upon, they come to our side and aid us in our need. They are part of our world in the unseen aspects of energy and manifest in the seen world as part of nature. Though there are many types of dragons with different roles and energies, Summer Solstice is a great time to begin your journey with them. At this time the sun is at its peak and its light filters through to enrich us all. Today we dance with dragons and lift our energies to celebrate the solstice with them.

Stand before your altar. Take in a deep, focusing breath and raise your hands up to the sky. Tilt your head back, close your eyes and begin vibrating the sound ‘ah’. Let it flow out of your throat with power and the emotions you feel at that moment. As you vibrate the ‘ah’ out into your space, feel the energy of the room rise as the dragons hear your call for them to gather. Visualize them move among your things, flowing through the air in joy of your powerful call. Continue sounding the word for as long as you feel its impact. When you are ready, lower your hands to your chest, holding them out in offering. Turn your face forward and say,

“Great brothers of spirit,
Of light and of fire,
Your grace flows through us,
The heat of this hour.

Under peaking sun,
Do we join in song,
Together we raise,
Our voices as one!”

Tilt your head back once more and sound out the ‘ah’ again. Let it vibrate through your body, raising the energy and echoing through your space. Once you are done relax and continue.

“At the high of its power, may the solar fire burn! May we all soak in its great strength! That we may move in strength down our paths.”

Take your cut out pieces of paper in your hands. Raise them up to the sky. Close your eyes and visualize the sun as a shining dragon. Its body is too bright to see but its shape is clear white. The great solar dragon holds its coiled body in the sky to bring brightness to the land. It looks down upon you and sheds its breath of fire and heat to bless and invigorate these areas or situations in your life. They almost sparkle with the light of the sun and its blessing. Lower your hands. Take one of your candle and place it in the center of your bowl. Light it. One by one place your paper shapes in the bowl, making sure they catch fire and burn. Keep them safely in the bowl. Once all the shapes are burning in the bowl, continue.

“Dragon brothers, sisters, friends may you lift these places in fire and breath! May you sing of their need to the noonday sun to bless and to carry their hopes up!”

Lift your hands and once more sound the ‘ah’ in deep and long stretches. Visualize the dragons among you, glittering and shining in solar light. As you finish sounding, clap your hands together to finalize your rite. Place the incense in the bowl among your burnt shapes. Make sure to light it and let it smolder up. Give thanks and celebration to the solstice and the dragons. If you feel comfortable you can sing, drum, dance, or simply connect to dragon energy as you let your incense fume up to swirl among them. When you are completely finished, blow out the candles and give a final thanks to the dragons, brothers of spirit.


This is very interesting :relaxed: I’ll save it for when I’m not that busy. Thank you!!!


This looks like a wonderful Draconic ritual to welcome in Litha- thanks so much for sharing, @Kasandra :yellow_heart: :dragon_face: :sunflower:

May the Solar Dragon bless you with warmth, light, and energy this solstice- have a blessed time! :sparkles::blush:


Thank you so much for sharing this is really great!:smiley:
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Power and great strength is what I need right know thank you!
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Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful ritual. Coming across gems like this is the best part of being in this coven. I have an interest in dragons so this ritual has particular interest to me. :slight_smile:
Blessed Be


Will you share you lovely celebration?