Dragon Invocations

Hi, I was writing another Dragon spell and I wanted it to be an invocation. As I put it together, my thought was to use directions, color and if possible what the dragons power was. If you like it, take it, change it, make it yours.
This is a gift to you.

Dragon Invocation

Northern Dragon, return to Earth
For this is the planet of your birth.
I know why you left, & it was for the best
But, come back now at my behest.
Blessing upon you noble Green

Eastern Dragon, of knowledge & change.
We are in turmoil, I know it’s not strange
Cleanse us of evil and help us renew
I hope of an outlook with a better view
Blessings upon you, sunny Yellow (Gold)

Western Dragon return your weary bones
Ancient healer, sing your songs, we’ll hear to your tones.
Come to us and bring your compassion
I wait to see your lovely expression.
Blessings upon you ocean Blue Dragon

Southern Dragon, filled with passion
I ask you now for protection
As I cast my fiery ring
Guard & let it be broken by nothing.
Blessings upon you Strongest Red Dragon

Blessed be’


I love working with Dragons, thank you so much for this beautiful ‘Dragon Invocation’ :heart:


I used to have a dragon his name was Deluth. He was charming, sweet and a total thief! Unfortunately, he got out, was arrested by the dragon police, & was sentenced to 95 years. He ravaged Japan and they called it a tsunami.
Because… there are no real dragons.!
That’s right, no dragons…


Lovely invocations to the dragons! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll have to add them to my draconic BOS.


thank you so much for the gift


Thank you for sharing! Your words are lovely, as always.


Brilliant- you put so much thought into this piece, Garnet! The end result is an absolutely gorgeous invocation. A very noble gift indeed, thank you so much for sharing it! :gift_heart: :sparkles::dragon_face:


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