Dragon Magick

In all forms of magick, the universe and everything in it are said to
be made up of four elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The
element of Spirit rules the centre as a balance. In dragon magick,
specific dragons rule these elements and help to create through
their powers.

These four elements correspond to the four directions, the four
quarters of the universe, the four winds, and the four quarters of
the magickal circle.

Each element has assigned traditional rulers and boundaries to
their kingdoms. They possess form and force, and can influence
our personalities as well as magickal procedures. Each element
and its dragons has certain qualities, natures, moods, and
magickal purposes; each has positive and negative traits. Because
the magician calls upon each element and its ruler, it is very
important to understand them, what they are and what they do.

A Dragon is a fabulous animal represented as a
large-winged, scaly serpent with a crested head and huge claws.

In reality, where did the conception of this great beast come from? Perhaps it’s
origin is our imagination and dreams. When did it come alive? Perhaps life
happened when mankind’s first nightmare breathed life into it. Some people say this
magnificent creature is unreal and, of course, you have those who say it lives. I
believe the latter . . . do you?