Drawing Down the Moon

Hi everybody, I’ve just been watching the video on the ritual for ‘Drawing Down the Moon’. Could someone tell me when exactly this ritual is usually performed.

Also, is this performed in addition to casing a sacred circle?

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Usually at the full moon and outside, Here is some further info on it as well, To my knowledge, it is done in a ritual circle after all protections have been cast,

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Typically the “exact” time would be at midnight on the Full Moon :full_moon: , during a celebration called Esbat. But it can be done on the Sabbats, or even without a special occasion. (Not everyone can meet at midnight every Full Moon).

The specifics depend entirely on the group or coven. For example someone (e.g. Priest) might draw down the Goddess (Full Moon/Great Mother) into another person (e.g. Priestess). This is done in a sacred and protected space, after cleansing, casting a circle and inviting the Watchtowers.

In solitary, you can take a cleansing bath, anoint yourself with Moon water, call the Goddess into yourself. The chants and invocations can also be changed. One of them is Drawing Down the Moon, another one the Charge of the Goddess.

The purpose is to invite and welcome the Goddess so that we can embody her positive traits. For some, it may be a way of getting into an elevated state of consciousness. It means you take on the good qualities of the entity and express them at will. It can be considered a form of posession, but voluntary posession so you are always in control.

Janet and Stewart Farrar’s book: A Witches Bible explains the ritual in depth.


Thank-you both very much for replying :smile: