Dream pt2 I’m not sure about this one either lol

Hello everyone! So, I had another weird dream where, leaving out a few details, there were essentially two evil dolls trying to like posses or kill my grandmother but I was protecting her, she had a dog named Charles William. It was like there was a doll for me and one for her which was scary. The dog was fighting off the dolls and at one point a hand crawled up and grabbed my right hand hard and like scratched it, but the dog bit it off and ate it. There was a point where I was alone doing my own thing in the next room, and there was a doll outside my door and the dog was in the hallway between me and my grandmother guarding both of us really but I felt more powerful and that I could actually fight/push off the dolls because I was also protecting my grandmother w the dog, even though I was scared I really hate dolls lol. As I mentioned there were doors in the house but they were all glass and see through, and my grandma kept repeating to “close the door”. Now I’ve done my own research on Charles Williams because I thought I remembered hearing his name a while ago when I first started but I’m not sure why he would fit? Anyway the house was of my great grandmother who is intensely Christian and the grandmother I was protecting believed in God but also did tarot and also believes that she has gifts/ she can feel things no one else can etc. and has been told she had divine gifts by other psychics/random people. Me and her were the only ones in this house and it’s like idk…like we where defending ourselves for our beliefs? Or I’m not to sure but I did wake up shaken and my hand was tender haha :sweat_smile: Your inputs would be interesting to hear like my last post so thank you, you all really do help!

Ps. my right hand is supper cold rn lol and tingly and the numbers 444 was like repeating in my head when I woke up


That’s very interesting. Dogs are symbols of protection and companionship. Maybe the dream signals to a connection with your grandmother of emotional/spiritual protection.

You also mentioned your great grandmother and her beliefs. Perhaps you are being watched over and protected by her, or by something else that she has left you.

If you see confirmation in external signs then that could be that you are in fact protected so act confidently and follow your inuition. Keep your eyes open!