Dream words

Have you ever woken up with words on your lips? Wise words, or sometimes just silly ones. This morning I woke up with this, I think someone said that about witchcraft in my dream.

If nothing happens in your body when you’re practicing, you’re better off practicing something else.

Your mileage might vary on how true that is for you, but for me there might be something to it, at least listening to my body more when I’m doing my magick.


Huh. While I’ve woken up myself talking in my sleep, nothing that deep or profound. I’ve got to think on that one for a bit.


I know when I wake up with a song echoing in my mind that it is going to be a good day :blush: It doesn’t happen all the time, but when I wake up to inner music it really gives my morning a boost!

This is really interesting to consider- I don’t always work magick about or in my dreams, but I wonder if the music that carries over from dreaming into wakefulness might have a bit of magick to it, even if I’m not actively creating it (perhaps it’s a gift from the deeper conscious? :thinking: ). I have to admit I really like the idea :notes::grinning:

Thanks for the interesting thought, @CelestiaMoon! :heart:


I think the words you woke up with are interesting and they do make sense.

I’ve awoken many times with words, phrases, places or even names that made no sense to me whatsoever. Then I’ll hear something about that name, word or place the next day. It could be as little as someone saying that word to a person that has something happen to them.


I do wake up with words from dreams. It’s fun to try and decipher them.

It rings true for me. But everyone’s body and practice are different so some people may not feel anything and still get the results which is what matters. Personally I like to get some sort of feeling which is mostly state of mind and then raising energy and releasing it or any type of energy work.