Dreaming of Kittens, naming on Gaia

So last night I had an interesting dream. Now it could be nothing but it could be something, so I figured I would reach out here.

All I remember is that involved finding kitten. About 4 that I remember. One I claimed I would take responsibility of and name Gaia. It didn’t hit me until just now, was that maybe a deity reaching out. Cats aren’t associated with Gaia but maybe that was her way to reach out since I have 3 of my own at this time. They were literally about maybe 2 months, the fluffy, baby stage, so still with momma but I don’t remember dreaming of momma cat. Just the babies and making sure we had them all. And that I was adament that I name one and coming up with the name of Gaia.

For the record, currently I honor Selene Coventina, sometimes Rhiannon. Those are my patron deities at this time.

Love to see what you guys think


My thought is that maybe you are missing the act of taking care of someone - empty nest? Or that someone you take care of needs something that you can provide


I’m no expert on dreams, so I did a quick search for some information that could help you!

Kittens in your dream could represent a vulnerability in real life. This may be about you or someone around you. This is the opposite of adult cats’ characteristics—independent and free. A kitten could mean that there is something in your life that you want to protect. Kittens are also seen as helpless because they can’t do much alone. You may be where you feel like you can’t do anything and need assistance.

This dream could also mean you crave a close relationship or want to please other people. You may want to create a closer bond with someone in your family. The attention that people give newborns is similar to the type of attention and love you seek.

Lastly, this dream could symbolize innocence and purity.

Dreaming of Cats? You’re Not Alone | BetterSleep


Kittens are positive dreams hinting at new life and innocence – reflects love, joy and happiness these are great omens for positive things to come. On the flip side their constant need for nurturing brings your attention to immaturity or underdevelopment. Alternatively, noticing a litter of kittens might suggest a new stage in your life for future growth.

Cat Dreams | Dream Dictionary

It’s also important to remember that dreams are very subjective. If they’re signs from a Spirit or deity, it they would be things that you would understand or be able to figure out. If they’re just dreams being the way the brain operates, then it is entirely up to personal interpretation when it comes to dreams. I hope this information helps in some way, at least! :heart:


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