Dreams and Casting: Do We Dare?

Happy August, all!

I was wondering if anyone has knowledge or experience with dreams or visions interpretations as part of their craft? My intuition is extremely strong since I was a child (Chakra reading from Reiki: red, orange, then solid purple the rest of the way up) and the amount of things I just know or dream coming to pass could fill a book. Knowing what song is playing on the radio before turning it on, who is calling on the first ring, and answering or responding to questions not verbalized are a few examples.

I have always been cautious with dreams, not wanting to cross a line. I know I have a unique gift that is rarely spoken of, but I want to do something with it. Is casting with dream analysis allowed in the craft? How do we use dreams to guide us in our craft? Do I open myself up more to it or leave it be? Not knowing what to do with this natural part of me, how to weave it into, or apply it to my life is frustrating because I was born with this. I know things I should not. I dream things with some coming true. Any guidance or tips from someone walking a similar path would be a relief to me!

Graciously, :wolf:

(I saw my grandmother use peach tree divination rods when I was a child. Can the gift of the third eye be generational?)


Greetings @Wolf_Witch,

I used to be very into dream interpretations- when I first started, I tried to analyze and divine meanings from every aspect of every dream I could recall. This may prove valuable for some, but I eventually found myself spinning my wheels and realized that a lot of that energy yielded better results in other forms of divination (for me it’s tarot and tasseography :flower_playing_cards: :coffee:).

Now, that’s certainly not to say that dreams don’t hold any magick- I find dream magick to be absolutely fascinating, and there are definitely instances when dreams can be prophetic or carry important messages. I’ve found that telling the difference lies in the skill you already have a very strong talent for- intuition. It’s intuition that can help you determine which dreams are simply mental processing and which ones hold deeper value :sparkles:

Another extremely exciting possibility in the world of dream magick is lucid dreaming. This is the thrilling ability to be able to draw on your conscious within the dream and take control of it to an extent. It’s something that magick, psychology, and the science of consciousness agree is possible, and it opens the door to an incredible amount of new possibilities.

I’ll be following along to see what others share too- thank you so much for opening up this discussion! :heart::blush:

Others may have differing opinions on this, but I believe the possibility of magick is something within all things- magickal ability is not exclusive to blood lines.

That being said, an aptitude or preference for certain types of magick may be passed down- although whether this is because it is in the blood or because that is what is taught and focused on between generations is up for debate! :grinning:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


I want to start this off by saying I dream differently than most people as I have aphantasia, or the inability to see images in my mind. So my dreams are not really images but more like reading a book or feeling emotions to me, I just know things upon waking.

That being said, I do believe that dreams can have meaning. My own mother has had some prophetic dreams that border on creepy (9/11 for example - she dreamed of running with a baby from falling planes about a week before it happened; my sister was pregnant with her first child at the time of the attack). But as Bry stated, it is up to the dreamer to determine what is simply the mind processing information as a normal dream process and what is a message. I also agree with Bry that this is dependent on intuition, something you seem to have a strong talent for.

I do not see anything wrong with wanting to explore this further, just make sure you take precautions to protect yourself from negative energy/entities that may try to take advantage of your sleeping state.

I do think that talents can be passed along within families. That doesn’t restrict others from learning them as we all have the ability within us, we just have to learn how to use it and practice it. But some people are born with natural talents that they don’t have to work very hard at doing, just like artists and comedians that are naturally funny. You still have to put in some effort to make it happen, but it flows easily from your soul. My mother believes, and I am starting to, that we come from a line of healers. She is adopted so we do not know for sure but there are things that come so easy to us regarding herbal remedies. We instinctively know which plants to use or avoid and how much to use to get the desired outcome. I have very rarely had to tweak any of my recipes.

If you feel called to explore dream magick further, by all means do so!


Following this post, I’m also interested in some of the answers to your questions. I have very strong intuition, much like you mentioned…and I’ve been having dreams a lot lately that I’ve been trying to interpret because my intuition is telling me it’s something. I hope you get the answers you’re looking for @Wolf_Witch ; SORRY I’m not much help :laughing: I’m curious myself lol. :laughing: :laughing:


What a lightened way to meet my morning today! (5:45 AM) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for reaching out to me. I truly appreciate knowing I can come forward in a space where others can either offer advice or just stand with me as I muddle through my life, trying to make sense of it all. I, too, am hopeful you find answers that will give you peace and closure. :ansuz:



Thank you so much for your thoughts. I appreciate your insight. :dizzy: My first prophetic dream was me watching the TV and seeing men running around in chaos on a street, ducking down and frantic. Two weeks later President Ronald Reagan was shot and I watched that same dream unfold on the news.

I am having dreams lately where people from my childhood are coming to me, people I have not thought about in decades. They are so vivid and interactive! Two are adults when I was a child, and one a childhood male friend. I do not know if I’m to take this as them “moving on” or a message I am to reach out to them. I have a gift for discernment; I can look at something and just know things. Not one to overstep my boundaries, I don’t know if calling someone not spoken to in literally decades would come across as creepy or unconventional.

I’ve never worked with runes but am wondering if they would be something that would benefit me here. Do you know of a spell that can help give clarity to uncertainties and situations such as this?

How blessed and wonderful for you to have a mother with whom you can share such a connection and family lineage with! My heart is warm and full for you and your mother. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I appreciate your reaching out to me. I am fortunate to have a supportive circle here. Blessed be to you and yours!


You are most welcome! This group will always be here to support you.

As for spell… I’m afraid I’m not much help there. I’ve only been practicing 2.5 years and my spell catalog is not large, mostly protection and healing. When I need clarity, I usually will meditate and turn to my tarot cards. Casting tubes may very well help if that is your method of divination.

The following tea recipe is for psychic enchantment and may help you “see” more clearly. I’m sorry I’m not much help here.


@Wolf_Witch, this is a subject studied fiercely by all cultures and civilizations up to today! My dissertation in college for my undergraduate psychology degree was on dreams and dream interpretation. If you are looking to enhance your dreams as divination, any divination tool you know and are comfortable with is what you should start with - I personally wouldn’t try to start with both figuring out your dreams and using a brand new divination means. If you do not yet have a divination that you are familiar enough with to use and interpret, then I’d start there and then work it into your dream casting.

Dreams should not be feared, they are an extension of you, your life, and where your deeper, more conscious (not unconscious) mind is most active outside of some more complicated rituals of connecting to your higher consciousness that often include more time and/or additional seekers.

Not surprising, journaling and meditation are key elements to most dream work. Being as precise as you can with drawing what you saw, or ‘telling’ what you saw will lead to epiphanies over time. Many mysteries are revealed through meditation, so if you are able to meditate on this type of work, then definitely try that along with your divination method of choice, if that is runes then there are many books regarding runes that include prophetic dreaming and I can suggest a couple if you are interested.

Here is a spell you can also try from a blog I like:
We all have questions about our past and future this Spell,
allows you to have prophetic dreams to find the answers you seek
this is a Basic beginner spell that is easy for anyone to do you need:

1 citrine, amethyst or clear quartz crystal
1 white candle
The Runes
Raidho Meaning Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction, astral projection.
Sowilo Meaning Success, goals achieved, honor. The life-force, Contact between the higher self and the unconscious
Mannaz Meaning The Self; the individual or the human race. Intelligence, forethought

Start by opening your circle and make sure there are no outside influences that will hinder you and your work) - some do not cast circles, that’s fine if you do not.

Take your Candle and Carve the Runes into it ( Do not use your Athame )
Light the candle and meditate lightly to center yourself.
When you feel ready open your eyes and pick up the Crystal. in your dominant hand.

Look into the Crystal see the Flames thru the Crystal
Speak Lord and Lady ( insert name of your Deity ) *[if you do not call upon deities, then call upon the universe or whom/whatever you typically use here*
I call to you for Advice and Love
Lord and Lady ( Insert name of your Deity )
Share with me your Wisdom and knowledge
Wake my sight and teach me to see
With sight of past and future vision
To help all those with tough decisions
Growing stronger with each hour
Both sacred strength and sacred power
The visions I seek and secrets I will learn.
( insert reason why you want to see )
( this is where you ask 3 questions about anything you want to see )
Let my future soon be known
Fill my head till light of day
Send prophetic dreams my way
with harm to none so mote it be.

Place the crystal next to the candle
Meditate for a few moments then close your circle Thanking the Goddess and Gods and spirits you invoked
Let the Candle burn out on its own
when the candle burns out take the crystal and put it under your
pillow and go to bed and dream
answers you want shall be revealed to you
pay attention to your dreams and the next day
you will have signs so pay attention.

Happy dreaming! :sleeping::zzz::sleeping_bed: