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I’ve always been a dreamer. I have very vivid, sometimes repetitive dreams. Whenever I dream about people I know I reach out to them after and usually something is happening in their lives that they appreciate the call out. I even dream of those who have passed at times, which is wonderful, except I can’t control it (make contact intentionally).

Last night I dreamt of a symbol I was in awe of. This is where I need your help! It was a large gold geometric heart with a horse and rose in front of it. I wanted a smaller version of it for my house or yard, but no luck. Anyone out there with interpretation skills?


I can’t say I know what symbol you’re describing, but hopefully, someone else does! :blush:


Hello @amy78,

Sounds like a nice looking symbol. Have you drawn it? Interpretation for dreams is usually personal. Have you journaled about it?
I see all three symbols as variations of love and strength. Horses have big hearts, they’re like gentle giants- most of them :).

What did the horse look like- was it running, standing still, ears back, relaxed… like the horses in the rider Waite decks, what the horse is doing can give an indication what it is symbolizing.

What colour was the rose? Was it droopy or upright? Single or in a bush?

The geometric shape of the heart has me intrigued. I am too tired these days with a crappy headache to get anything.

What were your first feelings when you woke up?

You are probably better at interpretations then you think as I find if we don’t work with our dreams I find we don’t remember them as much either.


Thank you for your reply! The horse was standing on its hind legs, there wasnt much detail with the horse but the shape of it…the rose was a single red rose. I always wake up and write it all down before I forget. This day I just so happened to see the weekly challenge focus and said AHH


Hello @amy78!

I also can’t say I’ve seen the symbol before, but that’s not a big surprise if it was something personal meant specifically for you. Interpreting common and popular symbols is quick, but the meanings are usually very broad and general- on the other hand, having a personal symbol appear for you may be more challenging to work out, but it will definitely have a meaning that is specific and very relevant to you. It’s something exciting and special! :star2::blush:

@Phoenix_Rose gave some great questions to help you break down each of the aspects of the symbol- by following these points and studying what you remember, I’m sure you’ll be able to work out what the symbol as a whole means.

A horse rearing up is a common pose for a dramatic moment or climatic scene- it’s a move of power, a momentary but impressive action :horse:

A red rose is commonly associated with love, romance, and beauty- although they have a lot of potential ways to use and interpret them in magick (Spells8: Roses in Magick) :rose:

Just throwing these thoughts out there in the hope they may kickstart something for you- I hope that you’ll be able to learn more about your symbol! Keep an eye out for it, if it’s meaningful, I’m sure it will appear for you again- be it in your dreams or otherwise.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:



A rearing horse is a symbol of power as @BryWisteria mentioned, it also symbolizes freedom. Think of a horse in the wild, excitement, charged energy, expression, about to charge ahead, freedom, wild abandon.

The horse doesn’t necessarily represent all of these but that which resonates with you or that which you strongly reject. -both what attracts and repels are worthy of exploration.


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