Dreams of deceased loved ones

I had a dream of not 1 or 2 lost loved ones last night but 3.

It was a very vivid and strange dream and I felt amazing when I woke up.
I was able to hold my baby in my dream, and as long as we stayed in certain areas of the house she was able to stay when we stepped out of those areas shes was gone. I also spoke to my grandmother, and met my husbands grandmother (who was her Hedge witch covens High Priestess for 13 years). While it was amazing seeing and meeting them, there were some other things that concerned me.

There was a a storm and a tornado but the tornado was made of birds (crows I think but not sure). The tornado reached a small fire and the fire grew with the air whisking around it. My 1 yr old son fell into a pool, we all jumped in, my mother was unable to swim down to get him but my brother successfully saved him. My grandmother (deceased) met me in the pool and there were multiple of her, kind of in a psychedelic way, and she told me she loved me and that they were all taking care of my daughter (deceased). My husbands grandmother (deceased, named Tommie) came and told me it was time for them to go. I argued and told her I didn’t want them to leave and she told me they would come back to me but it was time for me and them to return to where they were needed.

How can I have another dream like this? Does Tommie have to bring them to me again? What does the tornado of birds mean? And the growing fire?

Blessed be.


You can try this spell for a loved one who passed away. It involves writing a letter with memories of the person. If you do it right before going to bed, there’s a strong chance you will dream about them again. Also:

  • When lying down about to sleep, chant something like “I will dreamwalk and meet (person’s name) tonight.”

  • While in bed, nearing sleep state, you can lightly guide your mind to go to meet that person in your sleep.

I always keep a dream journal next to my bed. :notebook: Having a dream journal to record what you can remember from each night is very important

Regarding the meanings of tornadoes and fire, there are many ways to look at it.

Tornado: :tornado:

The vortex in the middle of the tornado is associated with life’s ups and downs, and there are many associated meanings to this strong symbol.
Tornadoes extremely difficult to analyze. They are gigantic in size and can demonstrate a huge amount of power. This is important from a spiritual perspective because it means that we are building something from nothing. - From AuntyFlo

Fire: :fire:

Fires are often in dreams when a transformation is predicted. This dream is also connected to the end of a spiritual journey and finding the truth of the soul. To see a fire, start a fire or see a fireplace in your dream is positive. To put out a fire that is on someone or to jump into a body of water suggests that you need to focus on your desires in life. - From AuntyFlo

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Awesome dream!! I am able to connect sometimes with my ancestor altar. Don’t you just feel awesome when you dream in lucid reality? Not all can do it. They assured you that all is well, and came when you had some questions either conscious or subconscious on your mind. Blessed Be