Dumb supper and other remembrances

I want to have a ‘dumb supper’ this year at Samhain in honor of my father-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle (in-law) all of whom have recently crossed over due to cancer. My spouse is supportive, ancestor remembrance is important to us especially given the loss of both father and brother. I found the link below from the forum which is a great start, but I am wondering what other suggestions you all might have to help me empower this ritual and make it more meaningful to my spouse.

Personally, I am drawn to ‘Dia de los Muetros’ rituals, and I believe our loved ones continue in our hearts and memories. I welcome any ideas you all may have and I want to let you know you all have been of great support to me. Blessings to all.

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I did a dumb supper last year and will do one again.

I basically treat Samhain like a Christmas dinner. We have a full family meal and I lay a setting for my ancestors too. We offer a toast to them, then have the dinner. I make a separate plate and leave an offering on my doorstep before I go to bed for any passing by spirits that may not have any family alive to remember them.

Hope you have a lovely Samhain :sparkling_heart:


This sounds so nice.


I was reading the Honoring Your Ancestors Guide the other day and saw a few nice suggestions for personalizing candles while remembering those who have passed. Here are a few ideas you might consider:

If you are choosing a candle for a specific ancestor, consider choosing a color you associate with them . For example, maybe their favorite color was purple. Instead of a black or white candle, a purple candle would be a good choice! If your ancestors loved to garden when they were alive, perhaps choosing a floral-scented candle is a good option…

You can also inscribe your candle for specific people, purposes, or skills connected to your ancestors. The most simple way to do this is by inscribing your ancestor candle with a name . Feel free to choose whichever inscription you would like. Names, symbols, and sigils are all wonderful inscriptions to include on your ancestor candle. The inscription helps connect you to the candle, building the bridge between the past and present…

Some candles come in glass jars. These candles are great for decorating the outside! Grab an image of your ancestor , or an association of them, and decorate the outside of the jar. This can be anything from photos of loved ones to stickers of yarn, cats, and flowers.

From Spells8: Honoring Your Ancestors

Wishing you and your spouse a meaningful ceremony while you honor the memory of your loved ones :pray: :candle: :heart:

Blessed be!


Thank you. I like these suggestions. Especially this one. The photos may evoke some strong emotions, but will definitely personalize the ceremony.


It’s my pleasure, Korvo- I’m happy if you liked the suggestions!

Wishing you all the best at your special supper :candle: :heart:

Blessed be!