Eagles, spells, and deities

Hi everyone,

In my ongoing work to discover to locate my patron/root deities, I had an amazing experience with an eagle, in the middle of the city in which I live. This happened on the same day I cast a spell to aid in my discovery. It seemed very much like a sign. So, I am curious if you know any deities that are associated with eagles. I know two: Zeus and Vishnu. Are you familiar with any others?

Thank you and all blessings!


I don’t know of any others right off hand but seeing an eagle in the middle of the city must have been awesome!


Encountering an eagle deep in the woods would be exciting, but to cross paths with one in the heart of the city is definitely something thrilling and out-of-the-norm! :star_struck: :eagle: Trust those instincts, Ben- if you feel it’s a sign, then I definitely think it’s something worth pursuing! :sparkles:

Zeus and his eagle (Aetos Dios- once a mortal king named Periphas) seem to be the most obvious divine presence related to eagles that I’m seeing, but here are a few more you might consider:

Ix Cheel also known as the “Eagle Woman” is the Maya Goddess of the Moon.


Lilith- a Goddess or demon depending on who you ask- is associated with eagles among other birds of prey.


Tengu are youkai in Japanese mythology (sometimes portrayed as demons, other times as kami/god-like creatures) that are depicted as various birds of prey.


I hope you’re able to dig deeper into the sign and connect with your patron/root deities, @ben1!

Good luck and blessed be! :eagle: :sparkles:


Oh my, encountering an eagle in general is a wonderous experience – in the middle of the city, though? That’s great!

Besides being connected to the above mentioned deities, I would also advise you to not limit yourself to thinking of deities in this instance. Often times, spirits of the land will connect with us through the local wildlife!


It was an amazing experience. I saw it from a distance and as it headed toward me, he flew low enough for me to see very clearly that it was a bald eagle, and I could even see feather contours. As soon as he reached my position and was directly overhead, he speedily flew off in the other direction, as if he were making a boomerang arc with me as its focus. It was a powerful experience.


Thank you! I am a little familiar with Lilith, but the IX Chel and the Tengu are completely new to me so I will investigate them.


Oh, that is a particularly good idea, @MeganB! As I’ve been pondering this, I have started to think there is a larger message for me here than simply what deity should I work with.


@ben1 i have an awesome guided meditation that might help if u want it


I can imagine! That had to have been awe inspiring!


I’m happy if the suggestions could help, Ben! :blush: Wishing you good luck as you continue to explore it- I hope you’re able to connect with whatever deity/spirit/message is reaching out to you :pray::sparkles:

Blessed be!


Thank you, @Mistress_Of_Herbs! I would be interested to see your guided meditation.


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