Earth Acupuncture

I was fortunate to live on an amazing area of land in the Andalusian mountains when I created this technique. I am sure I’m not the first but it was incredibly instinctive for me. First I doused for ley lines which were plentiful. I marked where they crossed. Next I took a branch from a living, giving tree - first explaining to the tree what my intention was and gaining permission. Then I planted the branch into the spot where the l
ey lines crossed and programmed it using Reiki and Intention to spread Love, Light and Health into the ground and along the key lines. I would practice this “acupuncture” in the evening on every crossing that I found and in the morning I would give thanks and remove the branches as they were now spent - the whole energy of the land was changed by the morning - emanating health and happiness - offering sanctuary and well being.


That is super cool!!! Thank you for sharing!

I am off to investigate ley lines (?) and look into doing this healing energy for the land!

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That’s a very beautiful and loving thing to do, thank you for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:


I like to think of ley lines as energy channels, they are like electricity in that they are neither good nor bad they can be used for both but basically they are just energy. I had one running through my house which was awesome but it could play havoc with energy work and balance within my home so I placed river stones at two meter intervals where possible along the line. River stones must have had fresh clear water running over them and choosing and finding them can become a ritual in itself but they neutralise the ley energy where needed.
If you are dousing yourself be aware of setting your intention for ley lines and not water channels, although I suppose underground watercourses would also carry your Loving energy throughout your land. (I say “your” land but I mean the land you are working with) if you are sending energy through a watercourse adjust your intention accordingly.
Please let me know how you get on, good luck :blush:


That is amazing, Wendy- it sounds like your Earth Acupuncture yielded some wonderful results! :national_park: :heart: Thank you for sharing about it, I am sure that nature is grateful for your thoughtfulness and care :earth_element: :earth_americas: :two_hearts:

Blessed be!