Eco candles for spells

Hi all x
I’m setting up an eco-friendly candle making service/business for all us witches, I’ve been disgusted by the costs of a few candles online so I’m looking for your used tea light holders and any moulds you might have lying around. Even used candle wax can be recycled for black candles so send me that too if anyone has anything to contribute I will repay with special offers on the opening!


That sounds awesome, @jamie9! :grin: I love your enthusiasm for making candles that are both affordable and eco-friendly :national_park::two_hearts:

Where are you located, Jamie? So that anyone who wants to send candles/wax to be recycled can estimate potential shipping costs :package:

And a quick idea popped into my mind- you might also consider reaching out to local recycling centers or thrift shops and let them know you are collecting candles and candle parts to be recycled. They might set things aside for you! :recycle::blush:

I love your business idea- good luck! :+1:


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