Where to Buy Herbs?

so further research shows me herbs are another costly item especially shipping costs!! so if anyone knows of a wholesale supplier i will add this to my products to stock.
i have a contact in the US im hoping might agree to be a US supplier to keep shipping costs low


Fantastic question, @Jamie9! I’ve moved it into it’s own topic so it gets the attention it deserves :+1:

Calling on the forum- does anyone have advice/recommendations on how and where to buy wholesale herbs? :herb:

The first place that comes to mind for me is Mountain Rose Herbs based in Oregon, USA. I know it’s possible to buy bulk shipments from them.

You might also want to check in with your local apothecary/herbalist and see if they are able to supply bulk orders- they often have connections and may be able to get you discounts :moneybag:


I have never thought to buy in bulk before. I have gotten different herbs from Etsy or Amazon. They came in small packages but there were a bunch of different herbs. I have probably 20 or more in my witchy room. I’ll have to see if I can find anything later today.

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If you have any room to grow plants, some herbs are really gardener friendly… Depending on where you are in the UK you can always try containers… mint, rosemary, sage, thyme are all pretty easy. You just need to dry them - hang them or if you are in a hurry - cookie trays in a 170F (77C) oven works pretty well. First you preheat your oven to 350F (177c) Then once you are ready to dry the herbs, you drop it down to 170F (77c) and dry for 20 minutes. You know the leaves are completely dry when they crumble easily between your fingers.


Alot of the herbs can be bought at your local grocery store, or dollar store, which is deff a big plus, and remember witchcraft is all about working with what you have on hand, and being practical, so dont sweat if you dont have something a spell calls for, when all else fails… Substitute!!! Hope this helps


Amazon.com has them. They also sell Essiac oil. Essiac oil is very good for anyone with cancer. Essiac oil is a Choc taw concoction made from the black fungus that grows on birch trees and the plant Burdock.
The also sell Mugwart, Yohimbe and other such itens.