Ego in Practice 🤔 Are you in your own way?

@Abs53 My husband is very similar! He is very wary of most structures of belief solely because of the things his family held out of his reach because they wanted him to focus solely on the church. So he broke away from it and has a hard time finding beliefs for himself that he feels are solid. He’s still supportive of me and my practice, he even uses some of my crystals for his meditation! But he really does struggle with himself.

He’s been helping me into a better comfort zone with meditation and ritual, because I am honestly terrified of how people perceive me, so maybe I can offer him some help too. It’s just a matter of getting him to take it and look past skepticism😂

He is also very aligned with sciences and analytical thought haha


Alum will make leather white too. And its not as gross lol!


Sarall, how clever you are, I didn’t know that, but I’m not sure the N.A.'s had alum.
Yep, the urine was gross, but they also chewed the hide to make it supple…ewwww


Thanks @Garnet
But it was my dads cleverness! He tanned hides when I was a kid. The Alum tan made the softest white hide. He didn’t chew his leather but he did work it a lot to get it nice and supple. He tried many methods but the alum was my favorite :wink: and its the only one I can remember other than some store bought goo he used.

I liked to help him with his projects, I have a lot of memories from his hobbies. Actually his birthday is today, hes 76! I got a phone call to make!

And for the ‘Ego’ response- Yes my ego does cause me problems at times. I’m trying to work on it though.
I am being more open minded and not so quick to judge or not judge at all! Who am I that has only walked in ‘My Shoes?’ I can only try to imagine what others shoes are like!



Thanks for info. tell dad Happy Birthday for me!


This is exactly the mindset I try and keep in mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Walking in my own shoes is hard enough lol I don’t need to judge others for what they’ve had to walk through. It gets hard sometimes and I definitely have to catch myself but I’m getting better at it, too!


I totally agree, although I use
‘I wear many hats and not all of them are pretty.’
But I’m working on it.