Elements and magical beings?

Remember the dragon themed challenge last week? It made me wonder about the other 3 elements. If dragons are associated with fire, are there magical beings associated with the other elements, by any chance? Water, earth, air…


Well I’d say mermaids for water, fairies for air, and gnomes or brownies for earth. But that’s just me. It is an idea though! Thanks for bringing it up!



I believe the answer is yes! Many ‘traditional’ groups use the following elemental correspondences:

Air - Sylphs

Water - Undines

Fire - Salamanders

Earth - Gnomes

There are, of course, many countless variations to this list. The amount of associations with the elements is limitless! A lot of people call on “the watchtowers’” and/or “guardians” of each direction. There are lists of Kings and Queens that rule each element as well. Astrology lists the zodiac signs by element, and there are a lot of different colors assigned to them too. You might enjoy reading about some elemental correspondances, or even just call upon ‘the elementals’ of each direction to invoke their power.

The bottom line is that there is no single way to view the elements and the spirits associated with them. Many traditions assign their own version of spiritual guides to each of the four elements. Some people even categorize every spirit by element, so the opportunities are endless.


What an interesting idea. Might have to sit and think of my own list of creatures and elements, but I’ve always had a fascination with mermaids and the sea…

And I love gnomes. I’d probably have a village of garden gnomes but hubby isn’t keen. He’s tolerant of many of my other whims so I’ve capitulated on this one mostly. Except for this little guy :grin:


Me, too! I was thinking of painting a mermaid on my blue candle (since the dragon was on the red one) and then a fairy on the yellow candle. I was toying with the idea of painting a dryad on the green candle, thinking maybe dryads are like “mermaids of the trees” in a way. But according to this article, dryads are more associated with Spirit. It may have to be a gnome, I suppose! Dryads, Trees & the Fifth Element | Eye of Horus Metaphysical | Tarot Psychic Readings - 612-872-1292


P.S. Does your dark little darling have…fangs?!? LOL


He does. Who doesn’t need a vampire gnome? :rofl:


HEE! What a cute little gnome! Very unusual looking. I get why your hubby isn’t keen though, too many gnomes creep me out. They’re like this little garden army waiting to wake up.


I so LOVE that :slight_smile: