Elubatel - how to work with her

hello everyone! does anyone have any experience or advice on working with Elubatel?

cant seem to get much information…


I found this site, but maybe you have already seen it.

Working with Elubatel

Same site different post

Third link

These are from a quick search of the name (I use DuckDuckGo). I don’t think you are going to find the kinds of resources that you might with Hekate, Brigid or Set, with correspondences, colors, and preferred offerrings, etc. Given the nature of Elubatel, I would recommend that you search through several pages of search results before you attempt anything, and maybe contact those with experience for some guidance. This appears to be a darker form of Magick than I practice, with specfic rituals and methods unique to it. It would appear that failure here can be costly.


I’d never heard about Elubatel before so I was reading what I could find online. Mentioned in the 6th and 7th Books of Moses (not actually attributed to Moses; spell book created in late 1800s Germany). Among practitioners who work with demons, Elubatel would be invoked or summoned to attract riches. Typically, that work involves wearing, drawing or printing the spirit’s seal or sigil but I don’t really know much about that form of magic, so I suppose there is more to it. I did see multiple accounts of “side effects” of working with Elubatel, e.g., depression and nightmares.


i did not know that i had the portal until a tarot reading earlier. so yea. :smiling_face_with_tear: my bad. then again. I’m okay. for now!


You may need to look into sources about Demonology specifically. I found a reddit archived on a different website that mentions a book called New Avatar Power. That might be worth a shot?

Here’s the link for the post → elubatel - Reddit post and comment search - SocialGrep

There are also several YouTube videos that come up when you search “Elubatel” that might be helpful :blush:


There was a .pdf excerpt from that book in my search. I looked at it, but it doesn’t seem beginner friendly, and definitiely not my choice of beverage.


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