Emotional Stability Jar Spell

If you are feeling a bit ‘wonky’ this jar spell works wonders!

Create a focal point for yourself, and ground and center with this beautifully curated jar spell.

Remember to hold each item in your hand prior to placing it inside the jar. Hold it, connect with the energy it holds for you. Place it in the jar and thank the plant spirit/crystal spirit for its energy.

A lot of times people (like me) tell people to put all these things inside a jar, but never really talk about the 'energy work" that goes into them.

You don’t just throw the stuff in a jar, seal it and call it a day. This is a sacred time you carve out for yourself and your practice and it should be treated as such – sacred!

Blessed be!


You have the best timing :heart:


@Nixi, She really does! Thanks @SilverBear, I have definitely been feeling a bit wonky. That is totally the right word. I don’t have most of this, but I’m going to see if I can scrounge some of it up to make a lovely jar!


Beautifully said! :raised_hands: :heart:

Filing this one away for those ‘wonky’ days- I love it! This is a really pretty spell jar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If I may, I actually have a spell jar question for the wonderful Queen of Witch Bottles! :pray: I’ve made a few mini spell jars over the past few months and while I still feel their energy somewhat, a few of them feel a bit stagnant, if that makes sense.

I’m wondering what you personally recommend- is it worth it to try and charge them, or better to recycle/dispose of the old jars and craft new ones? :thinking:

Would love your two cents on this, @SilverBear! :heart::blush:


If I ever feel the energy is stagnant - I redo the entire bottle. I think “re-charging” them MAY work – however, subconsciously, I think that stays in the back of our minds - it’s stagnant, gross, not working, (insert any other negative phrase here)

So I get rid of it totally and start fresh. “New beginnings” always feel good! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cheers to that! :raised_hands:

Okay, I’ll plan to open them up, compost the old herbs, and make some nice new fresh ones :blush::jar:

Thank you so much, Silverbear! :heart: