Emotions and power

Hi everyone reading this post, i was just thinking, people always say emotions are a powerful tool, then why is it when we have strong emotions such as sadness, happiness or anger it is suggested not to perform any spell work? Wouldn’t that energy be useful? This came into my head thanks to the lesson i watched last week or the week before on sex magic… I would think it would be the same which other emotions. :thinking:


Too much of one emotion can cause you to lose focus when directing energy to your intention because you get distracted by the root of whatever emotions you have excess of. This in addition to the imbalance of positive and negative emotions can misdirect your energy thus creating chaotic/unintended results or no results at all. At least in my experience. I’m sure other have more informed answers as I’m still in my first year of learning but from my experience casting when my emotions are imbalanced caused misdirected energy and as a result the fertility spell I worked for a client resulted in the little girl I conceived 17 weeks ago :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::hushed:


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This is a really great question! The question of casting during a state of intense emotion will get many different answers depending on which witch you ask :grin:

There was a great discussion a while back about what people thought about emotional casting- you may enjoy reading the experiences and thoughts shared there:

Happy casting and Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thanks I will check it out now😁


You’re very welcome! Blessed be :sparkles::blush: