Enchanting within close proximity

Hello, I am getting a tattoo next Friday. I am getting something meaningful to me and I want to empower it as a symbol of my growth and renewal, new me which is really more the real me.
I am planning on focusing on that at times (it will 3 hours) while he is tattooing it. I can’t really cast a circle around me as he will be on my arm. I don’t what to ask him permission to cast him within the circle as I don’t know him or his energy etc.
So I am thinking of using a selenite stone stuck in my bra or pocket. As I believe that removes negative energy.
Then I will think of the energy and meaning that the tattoo represents for me.
Thoughts on

  1. Making sure the energy stays positive
  2. Making it powerfully imbued

Thank you. :slight_smile:


I think carrying a crystal with you during your tattoo session is a great way to make sure the energy stays the way you want. You could even use the session as a time to meditate on your intention and focus your energy (or the energy of another stone or herb or petition) on the area that you’re getting tattooed!


Thank you. Yes, I do plan on meditating/focusing while the tattoo is being done, I just can’t meditate for 3 hours. I like the idea of a different rock or herb to help.


Oh yes, meditating for three hours would be quite a lot :sweat_smile: I don’t blame you there!


@maudot7 If you are happy with Crystals/herbs/petitions then use whatever you feel is your thing for sure. I agree with @MeganB that you can meditate for only a portion of the time, but 3+ hours is a lot. If it’s bigger or there are interruptions, or you need a break, it could take more than 3 hours…. I do have a few items to add that could be helpful if you will allow?..…

I submit that if you are using this tattoo as a sigil or talisman of sorts to imbue it with power, then you need to think about this a little differently I’d say. If you are using the tattoo as a mere outward symbolic reflection of your craft in some way then using a crystal or doing what was described by yourself and Megan above is very much something worthy.

Tattoo embeded with power:
A tattoo that attracts positive energy is usually one that you get with the goal of representing something meaningful and setting an intention especially if you are wanting to consciously embody the images and symbols to find the deeper healing, transformative powers within yourself. Tattoos are powerful talismans therefore, your tattoos can act as a transmitter, attractor or project your intent all by themselves if you create it with intent and ultimately embody what you truly believe - in because what you feel, what you think, and the energy you carry your tattoo with, is always going to affect the influence of the tattoo. I’d start with a tattoo meditation prior to going into the shop - focus on intent and outcome. Be specific and write a chant if you can, this can be used after you get the tattoo. I recommend watching this video - it’s 5 min. I think The Green Witch is a wonderful book also BTW. At about 2:20th in the video it gets very good. Think about the day of the week, phase of the moon, an astrological event….think about writing your own spell to set after your meditation prior to going in. Finally I’d make sure after you get it that you connect with it like you wanted to - make time to find out and focus any of your intentions toward the outcome you want if it isn’t entirely complete by then, if that makes sense??

Outward Symbol:
If this is symbolic of a deity or familiar or your own type of affirmation and you do not want to embody and imbue it with magick per se, then just do all with intent and purpose and ensure you have honored your own important markers of getting something of this magnitude permanently placed on your body. If you are astrological, then line it up with the charts, candle magick then make sure you set a candle offering, you’re a crystal girl/boy (sorry I do not know your pronouns), then make sure you carry the crystal that resonates with you for this purpose. I think meditating at all while getting a tattoo is just too much for me, but then, that is ME lol.

I can’t wait to see it, if you choose to show it here!!! :rose:


@jan_TheGreenWitch hi Jan. Thank you for your answer. My name is Maureen and I am she/her :slight_smile:
It is a 5-6 inch phoenix tattoo and my tattoo artist had to reschedule for a couple of weeks away so this will be good as it will give me time for more preparation. I can meditate and prepare what works and decide if I want/need to enchant it or just set an intention.

I am pretty good at meditating through pain, I was told by a doctor I would faint during a procedure if I didn’t take the drug he was offering. I refused and I was fine and actually recovered quicker. For me it is more the length of time that would be harder. :sweat_smile:

Thank you again for taking the time to write your answer. It has been very helpful.

Have a good night ! I hope you are recovering well. :mending_heart: (this is the symbol for heal per my search of the icons. If that is not what this means, let me know)