Energy cleansing

I know energy cleansing is important, but I didn’t realise until today just how much it affects you and the difference it makes. I am an empath so energy clings to me more than most but until I had been energy clearing I didn’t realise just how much it did.
The weather has been very stormy here with 42mph winds and heavy rain so I have not been able to open windows and do smudging for 2 days. I live in a house with 3 other people. One with severe aches and pains and 2 with mental illness so their energy is very heavy. I also work in a school so surrounded by multiple energies on a daily basis. I generally feel tired but the last few days I have felt exhausted. Yawning constantly and generally feeling drained.
Tonight was the first time I was able to open the windows in my bedroom and do a smudge using dragons blood incense which is my favourite. I always open my curtains to let natural light in first thing in the morning but it didn’t seem to have an effect this time. The difference in my energy level after the cleansing was complete was insane. My mood lifted, I felt calm and more awake. There was clearly a build up of stagnant energy on me that had been lifted.
I just wanted to share the importance of energy cleansing for everyone, particularly if like me you are around a lot of people.
Blessed be.


Cleansing is such an underrated practice to have in your witchy toolbelt :clap: I like to use incense most often but sometimes I can’t. When I can’t, I have a cute little bell that I like to ring in my room and around myself.

I’m glad you found some time to cleanse yourself and your space – hooray for feeling better! :partying_face:


Thank you so much for your post and the reminder to do a cleansing @terri6! I did it once a week in October (except for last week) and I’ve been off all week. LOL, I think you solved my mystery of what do I feel so :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.


You know what… thanks for this reminder. I work At a school too and everyone has been grumpy for weeks now. I made some room cleansing spray for my house, but I need to remember to take it to school. I bet it’ll help! It’s very mild so it shouldn’t bother allergies, especially if I use it after school when everyone has gone home!