Energy drain

I need some help. Lately I’ve been really drained physically & I am wondering what I can do to recharge myself. I’m going to start with a cleansing bath tonight but other ideas would be greatly welcomed. Thank you for your time & advise. :smile:


Hi @stephanie58,

Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling drained! My first suggestion would be to figure out the cause of the drain and whether it’s something already behind you, or ongoing.

If there is something (a situation, emotion, person, etc.) that is continuing to drain your energy, you’ll need to try to cut, remove, or reduce it first- otherwise it’s like trying to put a band-aid on a wound with the splinter still inside. It won’t be able to heal properly!

When you’re sure the cause of the drain is behind you (and maybe it was that New Moon we just had- some moon phases in certain signs can hit hard depending on the person! :new_moon:), there are many things you could do to recharge your energy.

I love your idea of having a cleansing bath- that’s a great way to wash away the old and get yourself soul, mind, and body squeaky clean for a fresh start! :blush: :bathtub:

Another option is to refresh your space- it could be your room, your whole home, your car, your work space- anywhere and everywhere you experience the sense of being drained or burned out. Some of the most popular cleansing methods are talked about here:

Then there are always spells for energy!

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you’re able to kick the cause of the drain and recharge yourself, Stephanie- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles;


@stephanie58 The above is fabulous from @BryWisteria . I thought I’d include a little spell/checker that I’ve done on my house. It’s an old remedy, and checks your home for bad energy and/or bad spirits.
You’ll need:
1 glass that’s completely clear.
White vinegar
Sea salt
Get the glass and pour sea salt into it, it should fill about a third of the glass, then add a small amount of vinegar and top the glass up with water.
Put the glass carefully in a part of the room where it cannot be disturbed (I put mine in the corners), Do this before you go to bed. Do not cover the glass. Leave it for 24 hours
Then check your glass. If it’s the same, no changes, your room is clear. All is well.
If the level has increased, the water has overflowed, colour changes, smudges on the glass or/and the glass is not like you left it, then there are energy problems in the house, and you’ll need to cleanse each room.
I’ve attached a good weekly home cleanse that I got from “The Door to Witchcraft” by Tonya Brown.
If it’s an unwanted spirit, the above won’t work, so I’ve attached another spell for this from “Witchcraft for beginners” by Eleanor Clemm.
Sometimes it’s good to recharge/check our environment if self cleansing isn’t helping.
Take care my lovely.
Blessed be



I don’t have much else to add that hasn’t already been said. I hope you start to feel better soon! :heart:


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