Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 May 22nd

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  2. Why Is This In The Activities Category?
  3. Christina’s Distance Healing Box
  4. Updated Notes (22 May 2021) From Praecog29
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to the next update from the Energy Exchange Circle Wiki 2021 - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

As members of Infinite Roots we cast a metaphysical circle around the earth, :earth_asia: covering our friends and families in light, love, and healing energy. I have felt this magic first hand as you have thought of me in your rituals. Thank you. :pray:t3:

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to ask and update requests, I’m thankful we all :heart: love and trust :yellow_heart: each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics. (Links are provided to each request so you can find updates to them as they come in.)

Why Is This In The Activities Category?

For the next two weeks, please keep the following people in our collective consciousness. If you use a deity in your daily meditations :man_kneeling: :woman_kneeling:, magic, etc., please remember your friends from here in your personal practices.

:orange_heart: :orange_heart: If you are on this list, please provide an update, if possible. We have seen some truly remarkable things since these circles started and we want to see more. Even if things have not turned out as you may have hoped, an update will let us know how better to include your request in our practices. Thank you. :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

(I know I may have missed some requests. If I did miss any, feel free to put a request in the Energy Exchange category or as a reply to this thread.)

Christina's Distance Healing Box

Christina4 is providing a Distance healing box :gift: - offering loving energy to people that need it. Thank you, Christina, for your heart for the Infinite Roots family.

An Updated Note (22 May 2021) From Praecog29

It seems we have mostly :hammer_and_wrench: “maintenance” :hammer_and_wrench: requests for the next two weeks. Many have been on here for months and a few will be on here for months to come. This is when I see my favorite magic in action.

We can get so used to quick fixes. We want the dramatic stories :star_struck: with the positive outcomes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to happen right away. The magic we are tapping into is as old as the universe. It’s wise. It’s powerful. And with patience it has seen wonders as amazing as life :dna: being born out of :star2: stardust.

So over these next two weeks I am tapping into that which brings forth life and directing it to my friends and family in :infinite_roots: Infinite Roots. I encourage you all to do the same. Don’t get tired or weary but trust the process. Blessings to you.

Those In Our Circle Over The Next Two Weeks

  1. Her husband needs help with his willpower and he’s doing really well so far.
  2. Help with anxiety and panic attacks. These two situations are creating added stress within her job and home life.
  1. Sister is 7 months pregnant with complications.
  2. Her brother has a pulmonary embolism. (Update family is doing better little bit more as each day passes.)
  1. Her son needs continued love and light wrapped around him.
  2. Grandmother passed away during the first week of May.
  1. Looking for homes and wants to move soon. Also, needs some guidance and peace about a family situation.
  2. Asked for healing for her husband from long-term COVID symptoms.

Thank you for once again including me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


May we add my sister to the list? And take me off please. My sister is 7 months pregnant and is having complications :disappointed_relieved: the baby may be born with a rare illness. And my sister isn’t really reaching out.
Thank you and blessed be!!


Im so sorry to hear this lovely :heartpulse: I will include your sister in my Candle i light for this energy exchange each night :heartpulse:


Thanks!!! It really means a lot right now!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anytime at all :heart:


I updated it and the wiki for you.


I’m so sorry to hear that. That must be so difficult for your family. Will be lighting a candle for you and your Sister!


Goodday, I would like to be added to this list please @praecog29 asking for healing spiritually for myself, thank you.


Of course, my wonderful friend. Wishing you peace and healing.


:candle: :candle: :candle: :pray: :candle: :candle: :candle:

Sending hope and positivity to all coven members (and their loved ones) going through difficult times. May you continue to heal and know that the love and light of the coven is continuing to flow your way!

And many thanks as always to the wonderful @praecog29 for organizing the Energy Exchange Circle :pray::heart:


Thanks again for including us and managing this! Dad will be going through another “routine” procedure next week to check out his heart and if needed place stents. Hopefully that won’t be needed, but it’ll be good to get it done and out the way if he does. One more step to a clear OK for transplant :slight_smile:


We’ll be thinking of him! :hugs:


Update on my dad! His procedure went well today - no blockages and no need for stents. He’ll even be going home later on this evening and should be back to his active self by the weekend. Another successful test down on the road to transplant! I’ll keep updating until it’s all complete. Thank you for all the positive and helpful energy!


That’s amazing news :heart: I’m glad to here he’s getting home as well :heart:


That’s great @robin77! It must be such a relief!


Wonderful to hear, @robin77! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Congrats to him for the good news, and thank you for the update! Wishing your father all the best as he continues on the road to recovery :pray::heart:


I can’t thank the coven enough for your extended torch and flame by so many and praecog29 I feel that infinite roots radiate the power of love! The magic flows through my bones, and is very colorful! Flashes of white, purple, red, blue, yellow, and pink. As we work with Hecate I call upon her to help guide me and give her all my hurts, fears all my grudges, all my lies and bad habits.

My grandmother (Mom) who raised me was the best mom ever! Her lite still shines!
Blessed be


I am very happy to hear dad is doing better! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@praecog29 and everyone else who is in the box, I’m updating my energy box. If there’s anyone who would like to opt out, let me know. Every two weeks, I update it to keep the energy flowing. And I’m adding magical items every so often.