Energy is the overarching idea of Witchcraft

The secondary ideas below ENERGY are The HERMETIC PRINCIPLES. Please look them up and read. I currently believe that witchcraft principles are subunits of these. Please include your thoughts. I am attempting to organize our belief system and it’s basis.



This is my guide in Witchcraft.
“Nothing is true; everything is permitted"


I think it’s wonderful to dig deep into the principles and explore them further, @wendy4! And a big thank you to @pedros10 for adding the 7 Hermetic Principles.

Hermeticism is new to me- but looking at the 7 principles in the picture above, I can see some similarities to the 13 Principles of Wicca:

As a side note, I think the approach Hermeticism takes towards gender is interesting! It reminds me of a lesson I’ve been learning as I study new languages. Some languages (such as Polish) assign everything with a grammatical gender. An a native English speaker, this concept was baffling for me at first! :laughing: The female night :crescent_moon: , the male car :oncoming_automobile: , the gender-neutral chair :chair: . It is fascinating to see a mention of this in the 7th principle of Hermeticism.

It is an interesting topic- thanks for bringing this up, Wendy! :blush:


Great topic, Wendy! Thanks for starting it!

I think it’s really hard to organize the principles of Witchcraft because there have been many different groups (with different beliefs) that practiced witchcraft throughout time. Here’s an interesting timeline:


I agree but I am using a logical approach. The Hermetic Principles speak to the nature of energy and “the One”. I am beginning to trace major Witch ideas that are offshoots of the nature of energy. This is interesting work. As far as I can tell, these principles were developed in Esoteric Practices. I do believe we are all one, so I fill in ideas from many traditions. Esoteric practices focus on evolution of the soul to higher planes of being. Witches are more concerned with the development of our life during this incarnation. I resonate with the witch POV. I need several lifetimes before I can even consider a higher evolution.
Did you see my post about a strict Christian woman I listened to on YouTube? She was manipulating energy, using her understanding of Christianity. She did not know she was manipulating energy. It is observations like this that lead me to look at many traditions. Energy and thought are basic. Many religious traditions would deny they do “witchcraft”. But, if you listen to them carefully, you see spells. I need to include a connection to her post. This lady helps many people organize their lives. She supports her entire family of 10 kids and her husband with her YouTube channels. Observe others. See exactly what they do to be successful. I SEE ENERGY MANIPULATION.


When I have made curriculum maps for age appropriate classes I taught, I did idea maps. Historical maps are for history. I research the connections of ideas across disciples and across what is known. I use a logical, knowledge approach. PS. I loved being a teacher. How creative, how fun! Several of my FB friends are former students. When I taught at Silverado Elementary School, I taught the same kids in grades 2-6. I moved up with them. I started a magnet Science, Math, Technology magnet school with my principal. My “kids” graduated to middle school. My point: look into many different ways to organize knowledge.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll start following her channel! :+1:

I like the idea of making an idea map. Here’s one I found which has some interesting concepts, although from a more astrological point of view:

Then there’s the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which is a diagram used in various traditions. It represents aspects of existence, Divinity, and the human psyche: