Era of Aquarius and Yonder

I have a burning question, and hope not hurt anyone feelings here.

I have asked this question more and more often to myself lately, and hope am not alone here.

“Will ever see a Native American at the Whitehouse?”

This is long overdue!

Am I getting my nose where I’m not wanted?

Stop me on my tracks if this seems a “taboo” subject.

I believe they deserve a chance as any of previous great chiefs.

Could they gather us together finally to remind us why we are on this planet?

-To live in harmony and nurture mother earth.


That’s a good question. Personally, I don’t think that belonging to a certain demographic or ethnic group automatically makes you a good candidate or to deserve it more than someone else.

However I found one on Wikipedia: Charles Curtis

"He was the only multiracial person to serve as Vice President of the United States (1929–1933) until the inauguration of Kamala Harris in 2021, and the only Native cabinet-level official in U.S. history until Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland.

Vice President Curtis receives peace pipe from Chief Red Tomahawk, slayer of Sitting Bull


Thank you, that’s a piece of history I didn’t know.
Vice-president, second best, right?
The one that shot Sitting Bull!
History shows me once again that very little changes.
A rather see an utopia than Meghan M. running for presidency.:rofl::joy:


I didn’t know that, thank you @Francisco


You’re welcome! That’s why I love the Wikipedia!

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